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imported cooking oil in ChinaApr. 25 – China is the world’s largest consumer of oilseeds and cooking oil. The most commonly used cooking oils in China are peanut oil, vegetable oil and olive oil. China market has been affected by rising demand, in 2017, China’s olive oil imports from the world amounted to around 43 thousand tons, up from slightly over ten thousand tons back in 2008, according to a related report.

China Cooking Oil Market

Chinese edible oil consumption has been changed in recent years, so the China cooking oil market was affected. Besides commonly used cooking oils in China, such as: peanut oil (for daily cooking), vegetable oil (for deep-frying food because its price is relatively low) and olive oil (mainly for cold dishes). At present, there is an increase in purchasing imported olive oil, which is growing faster than that of other oils, high-income families are more likely to purchase higher-priced olive oil, camellia oil, walnut oil, and grapeseed oil. Moreover, the quality/reputation of the cooking oil brand, and the certification and packaging design has been one of attractive factors in China cooking oil market and consumption increased with the better quality, brand and eye-catching designs.

Moreover, the Chinese government legislation and regulations, predominantly challenges pertaining to agricultural practices and consumption, transition to increasing urbanization, price trends and distribution network. At this moment, China aspires to develop environmentally friendly market for sustainable palm oil. Moreover, to stimulate lagging production of major oilseeds such as soybean, the government executed a soybean oilseed production support program. China cooking oil market is estimated to witness fast growth consumption in 2018.

Rising Edible Oil Imports to China

China was the world’s largest importer of soybean, rapeseed (canola), and palm oils due to China’s growing economy and rising incomes led to a 440% increase in per capita vegetable oil consumption in China. Furthermore, patterns of edible oil consumption in China have changed with increased urbanization, improved standards of living, and food safety concerns. In addition, soybean, rapeseed, palm, and peanut oils are the most commonly consumed edible oils in China, although “Western” oils and fats such as olive oil and butter are gaining in popularity.

China is the world’s largest importer of soybeans, with 63.5% of the import share. Most soybeans are imported into China from Brazil (49%), the United States, (35%), and Argentina (12%). Seventy-five percent of Brazil’s, 50% of the United States’, and 85% of Argentina’s soybean exports are sold to China. Most rapeseed oil in China is produced from domestic seed, with rapeseed and rapeseed oil imports coming primarily from Canada. China is largest consumer market for imported foodstuffs; imported cooking oil is one of key items.

Imported Cooking Oils Products in China

China is continuing in demand of vegetable oils, with the increase of total population and income, the consumption of vegetables oils is increasing year by year, the domestic industry couldn’t provide enough supply to China cooking oils market, imported cooking oils come to rescue. China is one the world’s largest importers of oilseeds and cooking oil. In 2017, China’s olive oil imports from the world amounted to around 43 thousand tons, up from slightly over ten thousand tons back in 2008, according to a related report.

Chinese consumers are increasingly accepting “Western” oils and fats, such as olive oil, butter, and margarine. Currently, the top vegetable oils consumed in China as a whole are soybean oil (44%), rapeseed oil (24%), palm oil (18%), and peanut oil (9%), with other oils (cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, camellia, olive, etc.) making up the remaining 5. The consumption of imported palm oil in China has risen considerably in recent years due to lower price than soybean or rapeseed oil, palm oil has broad applications in processed foods and fried snacks. For the List of Chinese Importers of Cooking Oil in China is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: