Construction machinery industry technological trends update

Construction machinery industry technological trends updateSep. 7 – Construction machinery gradually began picking up in 2016, despite the impact of economic uncertainties, experts predict that with the gradual implementation of the national macro-control policies, and machinery industry will be severely tested. The main trends of construction machinery industry are “technology to lead the future, innovation-driven the development”.

The modular design and virtual manufacturing. In major multinational companies in the construction machinery, a significant trend is that manufacturers focus on doing research and development of equipment assembly, parts are no longer manufactured, and push it to parts suppliers. Host product manufacturers and parts suppliers and research institutions to develop mutual cooperation, all parties jointly develop and produce marketable products.

Individuality and multi-function coexist. Construction machinery made to adapt to a particular certain conditions arise – which with customized and multi-functional requirements, it combined with individuality, versatility and multi-efficiency. Individuality and multi-function harmonize is the development of construction machinery, which will undoubtedly improve equipment utilization.

Construction machinery made to adapt to increasing environmental protection requirements, for the sustainable development of the economy and human society , environmental protection made more stringent requirements for the performance of construction machinery, which will be an important indicator to participate in international competition in the market, construction machinery with improved environmental performance become industrial market access card. There is now a race to develop “human and environment-friendly” in the domain of construction machinery industry.

Construction machinery upgrading speedup. With the development of modern technology and innovation, machinery product replacement cycles are getting shorter, renewal phase getting smaller, the products broaden and the product line speedup improving. There are some major companies to launch the camera the second generation, third generation until the fifth generation of mechanical engineering of new products.

The development of small and large-scale construction machinery go hand in hand. Large and medium sized construction machinery is still the mainstream of the global construction machinery, nevertheless the trend toward miniaturization of mechanical engineering and large-scale extending ends are obvious. For more information on the subject, there is “China Machinery Industry Report, 2016-2019” is also available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: