Condiment sauces China market | China ketchup-mayonnaise consumption

Condiment sauces Chinese market Apr. 23 – A condiment is a supplemental food. Condiment sauces are used for enhancing the flavor of food at the time of preparation or as a side to complement prepared food. The global condiment sauces market is estimated to reach USD 23,395.7 million in 2020, China consumption of mayonnaise, ketchup, condiment sauces to remain high through 2020.

Consumption of condiment sauces in China

Condiment sauces are used on a daily basis in China or other Asia countries, adding flavor to food is more personal preference, there is a wide variety of condiment sauces for making food more tasteful, and for each country has their own way of opting for taste to their food. Traditionally, Chinese is not king-sized consumers of ketchup or mayonnaise for the king of condiment sauces, on the contrary, in Europe or North America, ketchup, mayonnaise, steak, brown and mustard sauce to be the case.

Demand mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces remain high

Consuming condiment sauces are changing with the changing food culture in China, as the saying goes, condiments can either make or break your meals. Nowadays, condiment sauces are not only maximally imported but also maximal in variety in China; with imported ketchup, mayonnaise, steak, brown and mustard sauce to be the main condiments as fast-food and quick-feed restaurants, etc. are expansion and growing bigger daily, there is no boundary for making food more tasteful and healthy with adding a variety of condiment sauces.

Young Chinese are the main consumption force of condiment sauces

They are born the time of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces enter into China food culture, food taste of younger generation Chinese tend to more trendy, encirclement a wide range of foodstuffs with imported condiment sauces quickly. Sales of baked goods have grown at an annual pace of 20%, according to a related report. Imported foodstuffs like sandwiches, salads, pasta, and frozen yogurt are being consumed more frequent than before. Mayonnaise, a creamy white spread for sandwiches, dips, and salads have been established as a must-have seasoning in China. Younger generation Chinese are the main force of consuming imported foodstuffs with variety of condiment sauces.

A Chinese name for “ketchup” in Chinese sense

In China, if you say “ketchup”, it takes time to get the real thing, but when you say “tomato sauce”, everybody immediately get it. Simply, “ketchup sauce” known as “tomato sauce” in China, particularly for foodstuffs imports to China, it’s better called your product as “tomato sauce” instead of “ketchup”, since “ketchup” is a unusual name among the category of China foodstuffs, and most Chinese consumers do not know what the term “ketchup” actually is, they go by the name “tomato sauce” which are widely used for fries or pizzas in Western Restaurants.

Enter Chinese market – Import condiment sauces to China

China is the world’s largest consumer market for food and beverages. An annual growth of food and beverages around 18%, according to a related report. Although condiments do not offer high nutritional value on their own, but condiments can either make or break your meals, condiments are vital components of food taste. China is a growing market for condiments sauces along the changing Chinese food culture, as there is a correlation between condiments and food in which if consumption of food increases, the consumption of condiments also increases even though they are used in small quantities. According to a related report, consumption of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces and spices to remain high in China. Presently, condiment sauces are important elements of regional cuisines in China and their availability across borders has allowed producers to connect with Chinese condiment sauces importers. For those companies who are preparing to enter China condiment sauces market, there is a List of Chinese Importers of Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Sauces & Spices in China available upon request, please contact with DCCC or email to: