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Coffee in China | Coffee New trends |Chinese coffee importers Mar. 19 – Traditionally, China is not coffee drinking country, according to a related report; the consumption of coffee by Chinese people is 5 cups annually, compared to 240 cups worldwide. However, nowadays, new trends on the Chinese beverages market is forming, hot drinks, like coffee is trendy, China millennial switch to coffee making coffee hotter ever than before, China has become a vital market for the coffee.

Coffee in China Market

Drinking coffee is relatively a new phenomenon in China, from heard the word of coffee, till learning and tasting coffee in the mouth, it’s a quick process with the main driver of Chinese millennials, till now, the process seems completed, the Chinese like drink coffee after of all,Chinese coffee consumption has nearly tripled in the pa st four years, much of China’s millennials is coming of age surrounded by Starbucks, with population nears 1.4 billion Chinese, accompanied by coffee get into tea culture, it’s reshaping the coffee and tea industry, and that potential China market demand for more coffee is enormous,

Coffee New Trends

China coffee trend mainly by changing desires of an expanding Chinese middle class, and largely pushed by young millennials, much of younger generation Chinese are growing up surrounded by coffee shops, whenever feel like it, just walk in, sipping a cup of warm coffee it is a fashion, and that pressed coffee popularity in China. The demand especially for warm sizzling coffee drinks and fresh coffee is rising. For example, the growth ratio of fresh coffee in 2014 was going up to 22.1%. Another trend in the coffee sector is the desire for more high-end coffee. China’s swing toward a consumer-driven economy, Chinese consumers are searching for a greater diversity of beverage products, and further, coffee fashion comes along, now coffee in China stayed vast, and has become more and more one of caption drinks.

Chinese Coffee Importers

A growing taste for coffee in China impacts on the global market significantly, coffee traders, coffee producers, coffee beans, coffee machines, coffee imports/exports all have been busying with China market. Coffee in China market provides business opportunities to coffee industry globally, according to a related report, US Starbucks operates more than 2,000 stores in China, plans to add 500 shops annually for the next five years. Nescafe Coffee in China has opened its Nescafé Coffee Center in Yunnan, China, which will focus on research and development as well as providing training opportunities. Dunkin’ Donuts – another US chain known for its coffee – last year announced plans to add more than 1,400 locations over the next two decades, an increase of nearly 100-fold. Coffee in China is bigger business nowadays. For the List of Chinese Importers for Coffee Products is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: