Coffee – Beverage Businesses are The Best Bets in China

May 12 – Recently our business delegation visited Beijing. The most striking thing we found was Chinese people Westernized with all sort of foods and drinks, not only you can see McDonald’s, Kentucky everywhere in Beijing, but Coffee stands out as the most attractive drinks then tea, it’s amazing to see century tea drinkers turned into coffee drinkers, what a miracle cure!

There is a famous old Chinese saying: “min yi shi wei tian” (民以食为天) – that literally means that the issue of food is as big as sky. People regard food as their heaven, and view food as the primary need. Food goes first, moral goes second. Without feeding the stomach/belly first, you can’t think righteousness. It’s not surprising to see Starbucks upbeat China, Golden Arches beckon more franchisees in growth drive, Fast-food firm eyes southwest China franchises, 7-Eleven food stores expand to Southwest China, and many convenience stores still have rooms for expansion in all over China.

We met the local Chinese people during this business trip to China, , they told us, business opportunities everywhere as long as you are not lazy, if you want to get rich, do whatever you can keep busy, fortunes will come. Food and drink industry is the most promising channel to step in and to expand with. There are more franchisees in growth drive to come. According to an industry survey, coffee and beverage businesses are the best bets for opening franchises in China at this moment.

The China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA) said investors are most optimistic about coffee and beverage brand franchise business. In its survey of corporate managers, franchisees and investors released in April 2014, the CCFA said franchise brands for Chinese fast food, early childhood education, convenience stores, car maintenance and salons are also sectors with rosy prospects.

Pei Liang, secretary-general of the CCFA, said demand remains solid for franchises filling everyday needs, making them more capable of withstanding an economic slowdown and better able to resist risks. “In China, the demand for food, beverages and children’s education is quite strong,” Pei said. The CCFA survey showed 92 percent of franchise brands plan to open new stores this year. Coffee, beverage brands best for franchising in China. For “China Coffee Industry Report 2014-2017” available upon request, contact with DCCC, or mail to: