Chocolate market in China – New shakeup for producers

Chocolate market in China - New shakeup for producers Jul. 3 – As imported chocolate charming more Chinese consumer, China chocolate market shakeups progressively with a dynamic chocolate consumer force. According a related report, China chocolate sales growth 40% every year and foreign producers account for more than 50% of chocolate market share in China. High-quality imported chocolate has a great potential to grow sales in China market.

Chocolate market in China – The power of high-quality & Sales growth actively every year

Chocolate market in China is developing fast with imported foodstuffs by major European chocolate manufacturers. This trend is enlightened by Chinese trendy chocolate lovers, here the quality is the main attraction, and imported chocolate with higher quality became favorite choice and bestselling items. Moreover, the main consumers of chocolate are middle class, for whom the quality of chocolate is important. After of all, the taste of imported chocolate is more loved by consumers than local chocolate, with 1.3 billion Chinese populations gives a considerable demand for imported quality chocolates in China market. The power of Imported items dominate the China chocolate market, with mainstream consumer – new spending behavioral patterns shakeup, imported items appeared attractive to the most modern Chinese consumers, chocolate foreign brands are by far the leaders of the industry.Chocolate popularity is growing every year with a rate of 40% of growth of sales. It is evident that many foreign producers have been entering the market and now account for more than 50% of market share. It is explained by tastes and preferences of Chinese consumers, which choose to buy high-quality foreign chocolate. Our focus is on chocolate market in China and its business development in China.

Chocolate market in China – Mainstream consumer demand for imported chocolate

China’s changing economics and its impact on the consumers which helps to identify some key trends in spending patterns on higher quality imported chocolates in the next decade. Regarding high growth in discretionary categories, the tendency to trade up as consumers spend some of their discretionary income on better goods and services, and the emergence of imported foodstuff market. The Chinese are certainly getting richer fast: the per-household disposable income3 of urban consumers will double between 2010 and 2020, from about $4,000 to about $8,000.4. That will enable growth of Chinese purchasing power for imported foodstuffs, among others, consuming chocolate is one of fashionable trend among mainstream consumer, that demand for imported chocolate in China.

Chocolate market in China – New opportunities for chocolate trade

There is increasing demand for higher quality chocolates in China market, for chocolates producers, be preparing for 2021, there are also implications for companies of chocolate trade. The biggest challenge is building and sustaining a leading position in China and, for multinationals, using it to drive global growth; second challenge is that China is so vast and its regions so diverse it should be treated almost as a collection of separate countries; third challenge stems from the fact that undifferentiated mass consumption and the rising cost of ads made the scale of a brand or product crucial to its success in the past decade. By 2020, they will have to position brands (or sub-brands) to target narrower consumer segments and offer more tailored value propositions. Brands extended across too many consumer segments and price points may struggle to defend their market position. In fact, as the country with the world’s largest group of mainstream consumers, it could be an excellent test bed for companies that serve this consumer segment. Expert analysis indicates that huge variations in the growth rates of companies operating in China come 2020 are likely, depending on the product category, consumer segment, and geography. For the List of Chinese Importers for Chocolates Products available upon request, please contact with DCCC or email to: