Chinese Migrants Investors Heading for Purchasing Foreign Property

Jan. 23 – Chinese investors purchasing residence in the EU counties are not new wonder, one vital thought in the rich Chinese investor’s mind, how to secure their money and make them grow automatically. There is no doubt they take the conventional route as most wealthy person do, to invest in real estate.

Chinese investors put their money on purchasing foreign property is a trend of investment. For the Chinese rich investors, by purchasing foreign property as a way of secure their money and investment. However, recently something new in the Chinese rich investors sector, there are more Chinese investors are putting money into overseas property as a tactic for the second location of their family housing and business sources. In recent years, migration for investment in foreign real estate markets has become an uppermost decision making for Chinese applicants.

There are a growing number of rich Chinese investors are heading foreign countries to invest by buying properties and establish permanent residence in destinations like Europe and North America. To become a global citizenship, you don’t have to be born with, in other words, you don’t have to inherit at birth, you can receive it by way of financial investing in almost any places of your choice as long as you have the capital, it’s a digital age, and a new world movement in choice of living location. Of course the rich lead the trends, the rich Chinese investors are in the trends now. There are number of factors for such investment trend, to improve quality of life is the main reason for Chinese migrants purchasing properties in foreign countries, and other significant elements for buying overseas properties are to pursuit of higher education of their young teenager, a safer way of investments, it all contributes to Chinese migrants investors putting their money on purchasing foreign properties.

Europe has been a major beneficiary of commercial cross-border capital. France is attractive destination for some Chinese rich investors, there are some culture connections between the French and the Chinese, investing in properties in France seemed to be a sensible select as housing prices flattering. Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and other European countries are favored choice too for the rich Chinese investors, and also are becoming top destinations for many Chinese property buyers. As for countries as Portugal and Spain allow investors to make investments in projects, including properties valued above a certain amount, and obtain permanent residency later. More Chinese buyers would choose to purchase properties in European countries in the next three to five years. For the Report on Chinese Investors in Real Estate Sector in Europe available upon request, contact with DCCC or mail to: