Chinese meat market highlights in 2020 – meat exports to China

meat exports to ChinaJan. 31 – Despite pork is Chinese favorite meat, today China’s total meat imports takes over pork for growth due to the Chinese consume meat products on the rise. The growing trend for pork imports to China caused by shortage of healthy pigs and quality pork products in the Chinese market. China’s total meat imports 5.49 million in the first 11 months 2019. Here is the China Meat Market in 2020 Highlights:

China Meat Market for Global Meat Suppliers Opens Wider than Ever

Because of the Chinese consume more meat than ever in today’s China. Despite pork dish has occupied a key position in the Chinese menu card for centuries, there are alternative meat dishes put on the Chinese dining table after more than three decades economic growth. Nowadays, the Chinese eats more meat products than ever, and China is importing more meat products than ever before as well, primarily, edible offal of bovine animals, swine, sheep, goats, horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh, chilled or frozen (HS 02-Meat and edible meat offal), The meat market in China is the second largest sector in the country’s retail food market, after the fresh vegetables sector. Retail sales volume of meat products in China reached 35.3 billion metric tons in 2019, and statistics was projected that this number would up stretch to nearly 37 billion metric tons by 2021. There continually a demand for more meat products in the China market, especially pork has becoming a part of menu card. In spite of pork is favorite meat dish for the Chinese for centuries long, the list of options meat products are adding up in recent years, such as the veal meat market in China has been growing, beef seems has the potential to over takes pork in the near future. Nowadays, China occupies an important position in the global meat market. China is the world’s largest producer, consumer, and importer of meat. In 2019, China consumed around 28 percent of the global meat supply, which accounts for 73 percent of the Asia-Pacific meat market value. At the same time, the monthly import of meat products in China reached 1 billion U.S. dollars; China’s role in the global meat market can’t be overlooked and undervalued. Today with Brazil being the leading meat supplier whereas imports from the EU countries including Netherlands, Spain, and Germany growing the fastest, China meat market opens wider than ever for global meat suppliers.

China will Keep on Meat Imports from 16 more Countries in 2020

China began to import meat products from 16 more countries in 2019 to increase pork import and diversify import sources, according to the General Administration of Customs (GAC). With limited domestic meat production, in 2020, China will carry on meat import with a significant amount from more countries. In the first 9 months of 2019, China’s frozen beef imports showed a y-o-y growth by 48.3%, while poultry imports increased by 46.1%. Particularly, Pork alone makes up 80% of the market in China, and pork sales accounted for the highest value in the Chinese meat market. Among all the types of meat, pork sales dominate the market, followed by poultry, beef. It is expected, however, that the Chinese beef and veal meat market will witness a rising demand. To ensure the safety of imports, Chinese customs have stepped up checks and rectifications on the transport, storage and sales of agricultural products. China’s rising import needs had also lead to an influx of foreign direct investment in China’s meat market, and food inflation in China has now reached an all-time high.

The Key Point to Importing Meat into China

Following the end of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP), farmers wishing to pursue business in Asia can select China to export their products, where demand for meat is on the rise. Since China cut tariffs on 859 consumer goods including frozen pork from 1 January 2020, it is, therefore, easier for foreign meat suppliers to reach the meat market in China, a $209 billion market. Indeed, many multinational manufacturers have voiced their interests in establishing a local production system and new deals to be made in the profitable Chinese meat market, where imported goods and organic products are increasingly in demand. Lower entrance barriers, ever-growing demands of the population, and China’s rising import demand will benefit more foreign meat suppliers in the future. The Key Point for those who might be pig farmers or meat manufactures, meat and edible meat offal producers, imports/exports, the nature of your main business makes us aware that the info: “China Meat Market Highlights” might be relevant to your business growth and multiply beyond horizon. In case, you would like discover China market opportunities, to export your meat product to China. The List of Chinese Importers/Distributors for (Chilled or Frozen) Meat Products is available upon request. Please contact DCCC or email to: