Chinese investors, investment firms from China (1st edition) 2019

Chinese investors (1st edition) 2019Oct. 7 – Chinese private investors and China’s investment firms have become the initiators in the latest top 3 acquisitions in terms of volume. Chinese investment firms have also emerged as important investors, there is an increase in investment by wealthy Chinese individuals or families as private Chinese investors from China.

Chinese Investors, Investment Firms from China

Most of Chinese individual and family investors are small-sized companies mainly involved in cross-border trading activities. These individual and family investors can often be described as international entrepreneurs or Chinese private investors. Together, Chinese private-owned enterprises (POEs) have successfully developed into dominant players in the investment arena/ field. Those Chinese private firms or Chinese individual that takes their own money and uses it to help another business or individual . Most Chinese investors are private equity investors which mean that they are interested in acquiring businesses that are not publicly traded, or on the stock exchange. The operating businesses that they invest in just need capital to keep going. Other companies are looking to get out of the market they are operating in, therefore they allow the private equity investors to take full control of their company. The types of strategies that private equity investors use are venture capital and leveraged acquisitions. The role of those Chinese investors are varied. Some Chinese private investors have the option to invest passively, meaning those Chinese private investors give their funding, but they do not play a role in the company they have invested in at all. Other Chinese investors have an interest and have the necessary capital, but they do not have the entrepreneurial skills it takes to run a company. Therefore for those Chinese investors they invest with the intent of gaining more knowledge from the invested business, and having a say or a role in the invested company, or a seat on the board of directors of invested firm.

Chinese Investors, Investment Firms Recent Investments – Top 3 Highlight

Private investors from China are active in the deal makings despite the fact of China slow-down pace of foreign investments. Chinese investors, Chinese investment firm or consortium are still looking out for meaningful investment chances, keep on making some good acquisitions or investment deals. Here are the top 3 recent acquisitions /investments by Chinese investors.

Chinese firm dairy giant Mengniu in $1 billion Australian Bellamy bid

Chinese firm Mengniu has announced an acquisition offer to Australian infant formula producer Bellamy in a deal valued at $1 billion.

Based in St, Launceston, Australia, Bellamy is a major Australian food and beverage company, and is the parent company of Bellamy’s Organic, Australia’s largest organic infant formula. (Founded in 1999, Hohhot, China, Mengniu is a Chinese manufacturing and distribution company of dairy products and ice cream in China. The company is based in Inner Mongolia and manufactures dairy products under the Mengniu brand. More details over Chinese firm dairy giant Mengniu in $1 billion Australian Bellamy bid, here

Chinese firm Yili acquired New Zealand’s Westland

China’s Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Company Limited announced Thursday the completion of the transaction of the acquisition of Westland Co-operative Dairy Company Limited, New Zealand’s second-largest dairy co-operative.

Based in Hokitika, New Zealand, Westland Co-Operative Dairy Company Ltd. produces and distributes dairy products, founded in 1937. The Company offers milk powders, proteins, milk fats, cream, butter, and other dairy products. Westland Co-Operative Dairy markets its products through retail food outlets throughout New Zealand. (established in 1993. Yili Group is a privately owned company based in Inner Mongolia that processes and manufactures dairy products, including milk powder, sterilised milk and fresh milk under the Yili brand. , China Yili Group is China’s market-leading dairy products producer and is listed as an “A Share” company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. More details over Chinese firm Yili acquired New Zealand’s Westland, here.

Chinese firm Acquisitions UK school network for $187.6 million

Chinese company Bright Scholar Acquisitions 150 million pounds ( $187.6 million) for UK school network CATS Colleges

Established in 1952, CATS Colleges is an UK-headquartered international school network with a globally integrated platform of campuses in the UK, North America and China. It comprises six campuses in Cambridge, London, Canterbury, Shanghai and Boston, plus an arts school in Cambridge, as well as 10 international languages schools. (Founded in 1994, Bright Scholar is Guangdong-based education company in China is the largest operator of international and bilingual schools in China. It is a NYSE listed education company in China. As of May 31, 2019, Bright Scholar operated 78 schools covering the breadth of K-12 academic needs of its students across nine provinces in China and one overseas school).

There are some more Chinese investors and investment firms related acquisitions, such as, Kaola acquired by Alibaba Group for $2B (Sep. 5, 2019); Carrefour China acquired by for $698M (June 23, 2019), etc. For those international business services corporations, banking institutions, legal financial services firms, etc., interested in connect with Chinese private investors from China, or to get to know more investors from China, a List of Chinese Investors is available upon request, please contact the DCCC by email to: