Chinese importers for pork chilled or frozen – China’s pork imports surge

Chinese Importers for pork meatOct. 15 – Pork is at the center of meat imports to China, pork prices jumped 69% in September this year in China due to an outbreak of African swine fever among local Chinese pig farms. As the country is facing a shortage of meat supply, China market opportunities opens chances for meat suppliers globally, pork imports to China is a trend, and on the pick period these days.

China’s Pork Imports

China’s pork import volume depends largely on the gap between domestic and imported pork CIF prices. In the past year, China imported a total of 1,192,828 tonnes of pigments and 946,730 tonnes of offal, declining by 2.0 percent and 23.4 percent respectively on a y-o-y basis, according to The General Administration of Customs. Among all pork exporters to China, Germany ranked top with a market share of 19.1 percent and a y-o-y growth rate of 7.8 percent; Brazil’s pork export volume to China rose by 208.1 percent on a y-o-y basis and reached 150,091 tonnes. Flowed by Denmark, Netherlands and France.

China’s Pork Import Surge Update

In 2019, China’s pork import reached new high, in May, China’s pork imports reached nearly 63%; in September, China’s pork imports surged 76% from a year earlier. Pork imports CNC-PORK-IMP for the first eight months of the year were 1.33 million tonnes, according to the General Administration of Customs. Last month’s increase in pork prices was higher compared to the 46.7% surge seen in August, according to data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics. That pushed up food prices in China by 11.2% in September, accelerating from the previous month’s 10% gain. Pork prices in China jumped 69.3% in September this year. China’s domestic players and overseas suppliers in the pork industry are full of activity with China’s pork import businesses.

Chinese Pork Importers Contribute to China Pork Imports

Chinese pork importers make great contributions for China pork imports. As the country continued to battle a shortage of the pork meat that pork supplies is facing challenges which can’t be solved overnight. At this moment in China, African swine fever cut off some supply from the domestic pork industry. According to the Netherlands Rabobank, reckons that by year-end, as many as 200m pigs could be lost to disease or slaughter, leading to a 30% drop in pork production. The deficiency of China domestic pork supply led to growing importing pork to China in 2019. Imported frozen pork is associated with lower risks of being infected by ASF which means Chinese pork buyers, particularly packing houses and restaurants prefer to choose imported pork to avoid risks. For pork farms, especially for those European pork suppliers, such as Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and France, etc., China market opens profitable opportunities for importing frozen pork meat right now and in the near future too. For those pork farms or frozen pork suppliers would like to enter China market, the List of Chinese Importers for Pork Meat is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: