Chinese importers for beef products – China’s beef market

Chinese importers for beef products – China’s beef market Aug. 15 – Beef in China is growing demand from 50 main cities; China beef market showed opportunities for importing beef products. Beef meat price in China market certainly gain momentum, average price of beef (leg) in 50 Cities indicated that the peak period was May & June in 2017. At this moment, Chinese consumers demand for beef is still rising; and beef import to China is at good time.

Demand of China beef market

Despite there are some illegal beef imported to China, the legal import volume of beef in 2016 reached 579,800 tons, increasing by 22.4% compared to 2015, and the import value exceeded USD 2.5 billion, according to China statistics reporting. In 2017, China’s demand for beef imports is still growing, up to now; national statistics showed that from May to July 2017 was the peak period of higher beef price in China market. With booming demand and limited expansion in China domestic beef production, international beef products suppliers comes to the front line, as there is a growing need for imported beef product in China. At this moment, among others, the main beef imported to China are from:

  • Australia occupy is the No. 1 position of importing beef products to China, and is the major beneficiary of China’s booming beef demand. China’s imports of Australian beef increased both in volume and value in recent years.
  • New Zealand is also the only major beef supplier that has an FTA with China, increasing imported beef products to China in bulks and values as well.
  • Canadian beef has moved into China market in recent years, although it’s not huge volume at this moment, but it occupied the key position in supplying beef products to China.
  • Several European/countries beef producers are also actively seeking approval to export to China, particular east European beef producers/exporters are also expecting chances. 
  • The U.S. beef is conquering China market now, with new policy toward beef import to China, how to get US beef to China? It’s just started, how it develops, probably need time to see.

Beef price in China on July 2017

The price of beef paid by Chinese consumers has relatively increased in recent years. Average price of beef in 50 cities can help beef suppliers understand the changes in recent phases. Despite the fact that prices have doubled than previous time, the Chinese consumers are buying more and more beef. Below is the average price of beef (leg) in 50 cities from May to July 2017. China’s beef prices is expected continue to post increase, according to some industry analysts. As of the end of July 2017, data from China’s National Bureau of Statistics showed the average beef price in 50 cities had already reached 67.72 RMB/kg – up more than 33% as of a year ago. Despite record-large beef imports, China’s beef prices have increased every week since May-July 2017. With growing demand and a lack of domestic sufficient supplies to China’s beef market, the higher beef price is expected to continue in the coming period. Table – Average Price of Beef (leg) in 50 China Cities from May to July 2017:

Average Price of Beef (Leg) in 50 Cities from May to July 2017






US beef import to China

China’s beef market has gone tremendous growth from being worth about $139 million in 2010 to being worth about $2.58 billion in 2015. As the road of U.S. beef to China has a special episode, in 2003, the Chinese market had been closed to U.S. beef which was caused by mad cow disease. Now, after 14 years, in May 2017, it was announced that China would re-open the doors to U.S. beef, and final details concerning export requirements to resume beef shipments to China were released June 12, 2017. It’s absolutely very encouraging news for the U.S. beef producers and exporters, U.S. beef moving forward to China market, recently, some of US beef producers and exporters get into high speed and look for opportunities to do promotional events in China, to inform Chinese consumers about U.S. beef quality and value. For instance, Nebraska – the largest exporter of U.S. beef and the leader in U.S. red meat production became the first state to export beef to China in 14 years on 14thJune 2017, at the same time, beef exports will complement Nebraska’s current successes in the Chinese marketplace with soybeans, distiller’s products, and pork. China beef Imports are predicted to climb to 950,000 metric tons this year from 26,000 tons in 2003, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. China’s beef market is signalling an incredible chance for U.S. beef industry moving forward to catch worthy a $2.6 billion China startling opportunity.

Chinese importers of beef products

As above stated, today, China beef imports originate exclusively from Canada, Argentina and Australia and other European countries, now included the US beef to China. The growing demand and China beef imports have soared, up to 314,000 tons only last year. Today, China demand for beef products is still rising, the related China data indicated that the Chinese middle class has recently been estimated at nearly 300 million and is expected to reach 620 million by 2022. China market experienced insufficient meat supply due to beef products high input costs, constraints climate, production methods. It is, henceforth likely that China will continue to increase beef imports to meet growing demand in the coming years. For the List of Chinese Importers for Beef Products is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: