China’s new wave pork meat deficiency – Pork importers in China

Pork importers in ChinaJun. 19 – Pork consumption in China is continuing rising despite pork disease in China at this moment, pork production in China is fall behind demand lead to pork price arising too. In short term, pork problem in China will not resolve easily and quickly. Pork importers in China are busy than ever to link the global pork producers, to bring pork into China market.

Pork Consumption in China

China butcheries almost 700 million pigs per year, by comparison with other meats, and pork meat is the most widely eaten meat among Chinese consumers. About the per capita consumption of pork products in China, in 2019, Chinese consume on average 34.2 kilograms of pork per person, and the number will grow to 34.7 in 2020, meat product imports to China had amounted to approximately 847.2 million U.S. dollars, according to statista 2019 predicated. In 2026, an average Chinese citizen is expected to consume 55 kilograms (121 pounds) of meat per year, up 10% from 2017. Pork will remain Chinese people’s favorite meat in the years to come, making up about 60% of all meat consumption, followed by poultry, beef and veal, and mutton and lamb, according to a related China report.

Pork Production in China

China’s pork production will fall by up to 20% in 2019 as African swine fever hits production of the meat in the world’s top hog market, statistically speaking, China’s pork local production in 2019 will be between 50 million and 51 million tonnes which lower than last year’s 54 million to 55 million tonnes, China normally books for about 50% the world’s output of the meat, as said by the research Rabobank. China’s pig herd declined by 15% in 2018, significantly weakened in the fourth quarter after the disease began spreading rapidly, according to Rabobank estimates. Pork output was 54 million tonnes in 2018, as stated by the China’s statistics bureau. At the same time, pork problem in China would lead to the drop in feed demand; China’s pig feed consumption down 25-30% in 2019, and overall feed demand down from 12 to 15%, as said by Chinese insiders.

Pork Demand in China

Geographically, China is not beef consumption nation, but pork. Given the size of the market and its growing middle class, China’s pork market demand is now impacting the global pork industry. Chinese pork consumption grew year-over-year for decades, nowadays, with China’s unprecedented economic growth, has transformed the country into a global purchasing powerhouse. As the China market contains almost 1.4 billion inhabitants, brand-savvy Chinese consumers still deeply value the stringent food safety standards, improved pork meat products quality that imported foreign brands promise, and they are willing to pay premium prices for them, the growing middle class is the major purchasing power. The higher demand for quality pork in China is more than Chinese producers can supply, that means pork import to China is nu-avoidable on the rise which the beneficiaries of China pork market amazing opportunity is global pork producers, it’s time to care about the demand of China pork market.

Pork Importers in China

In 2019, China’s pork imports are set to double from last year to 2 million tonnes, according to a Rabobank analyst. China demand for more pork (Meat and edible meat offal, fresh, chilled or frozen), pork meat importers in China is not easy to connect directly, besides there are necessary rules and regulations regarding pork import into China, pork import to China goes through different procedures , however, the crucial steps are only a few. The number one step to get into the China market is to connect with Chinese importers for pork meat in China, obviously, for many pork producers, this is the key to get into China pork market, bring their pork products to Chinese consumers. In order to help pork meat producers, import/exports businesses, the List of Chinese Importers/Distributors for Foreign Pork Products in China is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: