China’s imported dairy products exceed sharp rise in 2014

Chinas-imported-dairy-products-exceed-sharp-rise-in-2014Jul. 17 – China’s dairy product imports ‘to witness sharp rise’ which will exceed 20 percent growth in 2014 as continued development pushes up demand and a lack of large dairy farms limits supply, according to Rabobank Nederland reporting. China imported 1.52 million tons of dairy products from January to November 2013, up 35.7 percent.

China’s imported dairy products ‘to witness sharp rise’

Some Dutch dairy companies are very active in China dairy industry which gets into China dairy market not only by importing, but also by production which set up dairy factories in China, showing up at dairy related international exhibition in Beijing. Statistically, the number of domestic manufacturers in China will increase which to make up 30 percent of China’s raw milk supply in 2016, China’s imported dairy products ‘to witness sharp rise’ from less than 20 percent this year, according to Rabobank Nederland reporting.

Elements of influences China’s imported dairy products

In China, The industry is being directed to build larger, vertically integrated farms that house on average herds of 100 cows or more. According to the Dutch bank, these bigger farms boast on average 1.35 times (and up to 1.7 times) the productivity of smaller ones and ensure better quality produce. It is also more costly to produce raw milk in China compared with other dairy heavyweight nations, the study noted. The price of corn, an essential grain for cows, is 20 percent higher in China than in the United States. Other key ingredients, such as hay, are 60 to 70 percent more expensive. those elements surely influences China’s imported dairy products.

Engaging on importing dairy products to China

China’s expanding urbanized population is driving sales of dairy products, which market research firm shows that China’s imported dairy products will double from the present $45 billion to $89 billion by 2017. The government vowed to nurture 10 large-scale dairy entities with an annual income of more than 2 billion yuan to make up in excess of 70 percent of the market in five years. For report “Modern Dairy China Cattle & Milk Industry Report (Demand & Supply) 2014-2017”; and a “List of Chinese Importers/Distributors for Foreign Dairy Products in China” available upon request, contact with DCCC, or mail to: