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China’s cosmetics market - imported cosmetics in ChinaMar. 9 – China is to turn into the world’s largest market for cosmetics products, among others, skin care and hair care products take to above half of the market share according to a related report. Imported cosmetics in China is attractive in all sizes around, cosmetics is one of China’s most promising and thriving market which present growing opportunities for foreign cosmetics products import into China.

Major Daily Cosmetic Products in China

At present, China cosmetics products divided by 9 categories. Among others, skincare products are the fastest growing sector in China cosmetics market, and then there are shampoos and hair care products, and particularly make-up products which sales of eye make-up products recorded significant growth in recent years. As for sales of products designed using by children continues to soar. Plus Sunscreen, Anti-aging cosmetics, Sports cosmetics, and Cosmeceuticals (cosmetic with pharmaceutical features). There is a phenomenal trend in China cosmetics market in recent years, which is going green/natural cosmetics which contain natural or nutritional ingredients, and vitamins rich for the skin protection. For foreign cosmetics businesses enter into China or import cosmetics products into China, above listed categories of major cosmetics products as a useful reference can’t be ignored for making a better import strategic plan.

China Major Imported Cosmetics

China’s imports of major cosmetic products in recent year, according to Global trade atlas, a great proportion went to 3 categories: Lip make-up preparations; Perfumes and toilet waters; Shampoos. Among others, including preparations for the care of the skin, suntan preparations, etc.) are the major imported cosmetics products in China. There are still a great potential to grow in this sector, skin care and hair care products take up over half of the market share, according to a related report. China’s imports major cosmetics products by category:
– Perfumes and toilet waters
– Lip make-up preparations
– Eye make-up preparations
– Powders, whether or not compressed
– Others (including preparations for the care of the skin, suntan preparations, etc.)
– Shampoos
– Preparations for permanent waving
– Hair lacquers
– Others
– Personal deodorants and antiperspirants

What about Import Regulations for Cosmetics Products in China?

This is a valid question which is important to know beforehand you import cosmetics products in to China. According to China detailed rules, for cosmetic products to be imported to China for the first time, foreign manufacturers or their agents must obtain and complete an Application Form for Hygiene License of Imported Cosmetics from the hygiene administration department above the local or city level of the importing place, etc. There are whole a lot of process and import regulations regarding import cosmetics products into China, it is complicated a set of rules documented well. For a related China Report Of Import Regulations, and the List of Chinese Importers for Cosmetics Products available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: