China’s corn imports 2020 -2021 with grain corn Chinese importers

 grain corn Chinese importersJun. 15 – China’s corn imports is embracing a great volume, reflected in feed demand. With growing numbers of Chinese pig farms began to restock the piggeries, lead to the growing demand for corn feed. Today, corn imports to China by Chinese importers amounted to approximately 190.4 million U.S. dollars in April 2020, feed and residual use is projected to rise 4%, hit 212.7 million tones by 2021, according to statista.

Corn Assortments

Corn, also known as Maize. Corn is the world’s most important grain, based on production volume, it has become a sort of food eaten routinely, mainly as animal feed. However, in certain part of world, maize is consumed directly by humans as often as every day or every meal. There are six major types of maize: dent corn, flint corn, pod corn, popcorn, flour corn, and sweet corn, according to food and agriculture experts. Field corn varieties are used for animal feed, while sugar-rich varieties called sweet corn are usually grown for human consumption. Corn crop is grown as trade around the world. In the past years, maize corn main producing countries among others are United States, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine and India.

Corn China Consumption

Corn consumption mainly for food and feed in China, corn processed by food industry usage, feedstuff and residual. However, Corn is one of main popular feedstuffs, corn consumption in China mainly caused by rising feed demand, and domestic corn production could not match the challenging pace. in 2018, around 257.17 million tons of corn were produced in China. Flowing up China consumed about 10.91 billion bushels of corn in 2018/2019, according to statista. A related report indicates the extent of corn production in China which China’s harvested corn area dropping by 500,000 hectares in 2019 to 41.6 million hectares or 102.8 million acres, total domestic corn consumption in China is set to overtake production by 27 million tones. The report further diagnoses China’s Corn production in 2020-21 is prediction down 4% to 250 million tones, mainly due to concerns about crops pest hassle. (Consumption of corn China in 2020/2021, (in million bushels), estimate is up 11 million tones to 280 million as feed demand is estimated.

Corn Main Suppliers to China

With huge market opportunities in China, maize or corn HS customs classification number: 1005, there are several corn or maize producing countries and as key suppliers focusing on China, and there are more small and middle sized corn producers and traders start shifting attention to China, and try to discover market potential of corn or maize to China market. Main countries supplying China with maize or corn product (HS customs classification number: 1005) are Ukraine (639.99 USD); United States (68.75 USD); Laos (40.63 USD); Myanmar (26.58 USD); and Russia (5.45 USD).

Corn Production in China

Corn production in China is forecast to decline in 2019-20 due to government changing agricultural policies to reduce corn planting instead of soybeans, as well as to reduce pest damage to the corn crops, according to a related agricultural report. The statistic shows corn production in China around 257.17 million tons of corn were produced in 2018. Corn is one of the most important grain crops, based on a production amount of about 1.05 billion metric tons globally in 2019. Maize or Corn is the most popular and in demand animal feed in China, changing maize or corn production in China 2019/2020 means the feed grain production to drop, and feed grain imports to China to rise. Since corn is one of key feed grain crops, including both maize feed and yellow maize for human, China’s corn imports expected to rise too in 2019/2020.

China’s Corn Imports

The statistic shows China’s corn imports in April 2020, amounted to approximately 190.4 million U.S. dollar, according to China’s monthly corn imports from April 2019 to April 2020 (in million U.S. dollars) indicates for January and February 2020, corn imports to China amounted to approximately 199.61 million U.S. dollars, this statistic has been composed as the impact of the Chinese New Year period which falls between January 21 and February 21. By comparison with the same period in last year, the statistic also indicates in April 2019, corn imports to China amounted to approximately 149.13 million U.S. dollars, and in December 2019, 168.2 million U.S. dollars. In general, corn imports to China from January to April 2020 statistically are relatively a huge amount (in million U.S. dollars). China market opportunities for grain products import to China: Wheat and meslin – (HS:1001), Rye – (HS:1002), Barley – (HS:1003), Oats – (HS:1004), Maize or corn – (HS:1005), Rice – (HS:1006), Grain sorghum – (HS:1007)

Corn Chinese Importers

Corn Chinese Importers focus on importing non-human corn for feed and human consumption corn in bulk. As corn is an important feedstuff in China, and domestic Corn production in 2020-21 is forecast down 4% to 250 million tonnes due to pests of field crops. Consumption forecast is up 11 million tones to 280 million as the country’s planning multiple changes to its grain policies in order to meet increasing feed demand, according to a related report. Corn is the world’s most important grain, to match the feed demand, China maize/corn import is inevitable with significant volume in 2020-21 (forecasted to increase 4%, knockout 212.7 million tones), which is going to reach a new record high. As pig meat is widely used to eat and pork in China, pig farming is a very popular and lucrative business. Chinese piggeries are encouraged by record high pork prices, waves of government incentive measures. Grain mainly included corn, wheat and rice crops. For grain producers, especially maize/corn farmers product suppliers, feed manufactures, grain imports/exports companies attempt to find hidden opportunities in the most current China market, to connect with the latest market sources over corn Chinese importers , DCCC provides you with the information you search for right away, the List of Chinese Importers/distributers for Grain Maize/Corn is available, For further information. Please contact DCCC- the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. email:

Corn Imports to China- April 2019 – April 2020 Statistics

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