China’s Beer Market- Opportunities for Importing Beer into China

China’s Beer Market- Importing Beer into ChinaJun. 11 – As China becomes the largest beer consumer market in the world. With incomes rising, changing tastes, and shifting spending habits are creating new patterns of beer consumption in China markets. Alcohol, beverages demand have experienced growth across China, and more and more foreign well-known beer brands are expected to import to China.

Beer Market in China

China is a big beer market. The Chinese beer market has been the world’s largest in terms of production and consumption as earlier as in 2002, and it is predicted to overtake the US market – currently the world’s largest in terms of value – by 2017. However, beer production in China was down 1 percent in 2014 over the previous year, with output falling 17 percent in December alone.

Foreign Beer Importing to China

Despite the different operating situation, China imported beer sales grew in the last few years. Chinese local players such as China Resource Enterprise, Tsingtao and Beijing Breweries dominate the market, but the market for imported beer is entering a period of explosive expansion similar to that experienced by the wine market between 2005 and 2009, according to a USDA report from February 2015.

Beer Importers in China

At recent years, Chinese younger beer drinkers have been growing at a steady rate across different regions. As tastes change of younger generation Chinese who are growing up in the fast-food, soft-drinks times, and tastes beer are considered by their peers as casual and cool, particularly premium and craft beers are seeing more demand in China markets which is leading to opportunities for foreign beer importers. At the same time, China’s high growth market also presents substantial chances for foreign beer producers and suppliers, impostors. However, challenges exist in the form of connecting foreign beer of Chinese imports, excise tax system, and sales restrictions. For The List of Chinese Imports-Distributes For Foreign Beer is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email us.