China Top Sector for Dutch Companies (MKBs): Equipment Manufacturing and Machinery

China top sector “machinery and equipment industry” is promising for the Dutch companies (MKBs) various related business involved with equipment, manufacture, machinery importing, etc.

Below DCCC provide some related information about this China top sector for those who are Dutch (mkb) companies, and looking for business opportunities to expand their chances for making more profits  in equipment manufacturing and machinery in China. Especially for those Dutch companies (mkb) who has already engaged in equipment, machinery importing/exporting from China, there are many business opportunities to expand your horizon.

According to  a publication by the Netherlands Business Support office (NBSO) in northern province Dalian, China, which falls under the NL Agency from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The transition from labor-intensive to knowledge-intensive production in China is high on the agenda. Many SOEs shopping all over the world for innovative collaborations with foreign companies or companies with technologies that they miss to take over.

Knowledge, innovation and quality products should form the foundation on which China can develop further in a number of key sectors such as aerospace, automotive and new energy. Opportunities for Dutch companies are therefore in the area of ​​technical cooperation, process knowledge, sustainable production and export of components with high added value.

Many Chinese equipment manufacturers search for ways to improve their production and still a hit in the quality of their products. Most local governments have money available to certain projects within the specific areas to support existing businesses and to assist in setting up research facilities and laboratories.

Also, local governments assign to the lower prices for those interesting companies in the designated areas, while banks are instructed to provide loans at lower rates to these companies. The appendix contains a report on opportunities in the machinery and equipment industry in China, compiled by the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Dalian. For more information please contact the advisors for China market, e-mail:;, or the focal point of the Dutch postal network in China.