China to resume imports of Canadian beef, pork – meat consumption high

China to resume imports of Canadian beef, porkNov. 11 – China has agreed to resume imports of Canadian beef and pork products, ending a five-month suspension, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Tuesday (November 5, 2019). “Good news for Canadian farmers today: Canadian pork and beef exports to China will resume,” Trudeau tweeted.

China banned imports of these products on June 25 after some Canadian meat tested positive for ractopamine, a feed additive, and was shipped with forged inspection certificates. On Wednesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang confirmed that China had agreed to end the ban, according to China news reporting.

Canada has proposed measures to rectify loopholes in the certification process, Geng said, adding that Beijing has assessed the measures and found they meet national safety requirements. Charlie Christie, chairman of industry association Alberta Beef Producers, said he expects the resumption to have an “immediate effect on markets”. He said prices for calves have been “sluggish” this fall, and he believes “this is going to have a positive effect throughout the entire system”. Canadian Meat Council President and CEO Christopher White said industry representatives will soon go to China to meet with authorities “at all ports” where Canadian meat products enter the country.

The Chinese mainland is Canada’s fifth-largest export destination for beef, after the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and Mexico. More than $500 million worth of Canadian pork and nearly $100 million worth of Canadian beef were sent to the Chinese mainland in 2018, according to Canadian government data.

Demand for beef, especially pork products remains strong in China at this moment, and Chinese market is a very important for Canadian beef and pork producers, with the announcement from the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 5 November, 2019: “Good news for Canadian farmers today: Canadian pork and beef exports to China will resume,” It is an exciting message, and it means a lot especially for many Canada local beef or pork producers, from now on they look forward to having the second chance to continue to meet the demand of China market, and to satisfying the needs of Chinese consumers in the coming Chinese new year’s festival on January 2020.

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