China to become world’s 2nd biggest wine market by 2020

China to become world's 2nd biggest wine market by 2020Mar. 3 – Chinese consumers attracted by imported wine is not new phenomenon in China, just as rising income in China is not new. More Chinese stand up for quality life, better life, classy life, changed eating and drinking habit naturally come to front, taste of wine is one of flavor drink attractions experienced in modern China, the consumption of liquor and beer accounts for most of the alcoholic beverages in China.

China wine market statistics 2015-2016

Statistics showed that, China imported 5.54 litters’ wine with an increase of 44% in 2015, value of import reached USD 20.32 with an increase of 34% . China wine consumption per capita was about 1.2 litters, (the Chinese total consumed 131, 9 million of 9L cases of red wine) in 2015, accounting for less than 1/3 of the global as well as 1/10 of the U.S., and China imported wine of $1.77 billion, representing a 19.1% yearly increase.

In 2015, the output volume of China wine industry reached 1.14 billion litters with a decline of 0.35% YOY. According to Free Trade Agreement between China and Chile, China imposes zero tariffs on Chilean wines, only the 10% consumption tax from Jan. 1, 2015. On Jun. 17, 2015, China signed the free trade agreement with Australia, which meant that Australian wine would enjoy zero tariffs in 2019. Zero tariff policy directly stimulates the increase of imported wine. In 2015, China imported 5.54 litters’ wine with an increase of 44% YOY; value of import reached USD 20.32 with an increase of 34% YOY. Quite a lot is raw wine, which is sold in small packages with the split charging of domestic enterprises.

New figures show that China imported more wine by volume and value in 2016, the total value of wines entered the Chinese market jumped by almost 30%, according to China Association for Import and Export of Wines and Spirits. There are great development potentials for more foreign wine import to China. Among others, 2016 record year for Italian wine exports to China, Aussie wine companies making big gains in China, and also Argentina highlights potential of Chinese market for its wine.

China imported wine market in 2017

China wine market further growing with the improvement of Chinese residents’ living standard and the upgrading of consumption concept, there is a positive scene in Chinese wine consumption market. Cooperating with foreign well-known wine brands, Chinese companies or individuals purchase foreign wineries, and Chinese importers busy with importing more foreign brands. According to the research, leading enterprises included Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co., Ltd., China Foods Limited, Grand Dragon Wine Co., Ltd., CITIC Guoan Wine Co., Ltd. and Tonghua Winery Co., Ltd. in 2015. CR5 of 2015 was less than 20%, and the market competition was very fierce. Based on the evaluation, CAGR of sales value in the Chinese wine market will exceed 10% from 2016 to 2020. There are many opportunities for wine enterprises in Chinese market.

China investment in acquiring wineries

China is now on the record of experiencing the highest wine consumption growth rate in the world. International wine producers and motivated key players in the wine industry are already gaining the benefits of the booming Chinese economy which is proving to be the most attractive market for imported wine and beer. Within Europe, China is the biggest market for Bordeaux wine & beer. China imports of Italian wine doubled in value recent years.

The China Wine Market is growing and keen in its buying of a broad range of foreign wines from different prices rage and different locations of country and region. China based wine buyers and consumers keen appetite to buy and enjoy a variety of labels have made China the essential and number one target for global wine sellers, producers and export firms. China wine market and Chinese consumers demand for imported liquor is thriving and recent China wine market date indicates that China will be the second world’s largest wine market in the time to come.

In the past, by percentage, China has been a brandy market, but in recent years whisk (e) ys made huge opportunity. As China wine market is growing, some new liquor products including rum, tequila, bitters, vodka appeared in the shopping centres, and various brands of white and brown hard liquor are now seeing huge growth numbers. Some experts reporting indicate that China is now the largest Cognac market in the world by value, 70% larger than the USA; China is the 3rd largest market for the Pernod Ricard group, and Diageo’s spirits sales in China rose again.

China imported wine market by 2020

China wine market develop fast than expected, a recent news reporting indicate that China is set to become the world’s second biggest wine market by 2020 when sales of still and sparkling wine reach 21 billion U.S. dollars in the country, the wine industry’s VINEXPO announced here on Wednesday. The data was released by Guillaume Deglise, CEO of VINEXPO, the world’s leading wine and spirit exhibition, at a press conference. It is forecast that China, which is currently ranked fourth behind the United States, Britain, and France, will witness a growth of 39.8 percent in retail values in the next three years. The United States will still come out on top with 38 billion U.S. dollars by 2020 after a growth of 11.9 percent over last year’s volume. VINEXPO is an international wine and spirits exhibition that will place in Bordeaux, France from June 18 to 21 this year.

Chinese importers for wine & beer

China wine market demand more imported wine, the situation made Chinese importers for foreign wine are busier, there are dealers traders, distributors and agents, they all there for developing China wine market. Among others, Italian and Aussie’s wine are poplar at this moment in China market, according a recent reporting, China’s favorite Aussie wine company posts huge profits, Australian wine producer Treasury Wines has posted a huge 132.4-percent increase in their half yearly profit , spurred by their performances in China and around the globe. Treasury has been capitalizing on the thirst for its wines from China’s booming middle class, who are consuming Australian wine in record numbers, with their profits highly attributed to their success in China. To grow your wine sales business, and export your wines & spirits to China, Chinese importers for foreign wine is the key links, for the List of Chinese Imported for Wine and Beer available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: