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China smartphone driving force - rising independent design housesJun. 7 – Rising Chinese mobile Internet companies to adjust global digital culture. VivaVideo, one of the few Chinese mobile companies that have already gained a good share of the global mobile market. Launched in 2013 by some Chinese mobile video experts, this application now has 400 million users globally, and took home the award for the most innovative app on Google Play’s “Best of 2016” global list.


Sam Han, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the company, has worked for more than 10 years at California-headquartered ArcSoftInc, a photo and video imaging software development company. The video computing technology he developed at VivaVideo significantly outperforms similar other mobile apps. Many users are young and can’t afford expensive smartphones. Only the best technology can let them run complicated video-editing quickly without crashing. The application also features prominently its face recognition technology and nurtures a lively video-making and sharing community. Targeting young people around the world, the mobile app hopes to bring every user to the front stage in the virtual world.

Cultural Gaps

Although it’s “technology-driven” company, it also facing cultural challenges. The company – VivaVideo, has opened up online video communities in Southeast Asia and Brazil, and later expanded into Japan the United States. According to the Beijing-based American venture capitalist Kaifu Lee, who also invested in Vivavideo, overseas market is a difficult business. “You have to get a good grasp of what local people think.” The same awareness was resonated by Xiaomi, China’s giant electronics company and the world’s fifth largest smartphone maker. To enter overseas markets, to hire foreigners who know local culture, to work with local business partners are all crucial challenges to overcome. A crowd of Chinese technology firms are swiftly escalating out of the country as China get on its Belt and Road Initiative to strengthen the maritime silk roads. There is a growing call for more assistance with regard to local policies, tax and legal requirements to further support Chinese firms going abroad.

Growing Chinese Mobile Companies Bring Dynamics of Internet Economy

Cash in China is increasingly unnecessary thing, For example, at a virtual restaurant; everything is set, even the dishes you are going to order can be selected online. Any kind of purchases can be done through Smartphone with WeChat or Alipay, from a few cents to thousands of yuan, people enjoying the convenience of the dynamics of Internet economy has brought to everyday life. Alibaba President Jack Ma has recently called for making the absolute most of the “historic opportunity” brought by Internet development in China. The Internet is driving the economic growth in China, home to about 731 million internauts — roughly the population of all Europe — and 695 million users surfing online via mobile phones. Some foreigners believe that China is “going all virtual”, that compared to many countries, everyday life in China is extremely digitized, the great majority of money are made via mobile phones, the Internet cooperation will also benefits countries along the Belt and Road. For the List of Local Independent Design House (IDH) in China available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: