Upcoming Chinese Spring Festival shakes fresh produce sales & imports

List of Chinese Importers for Fruit and VegetablesDec. 17 – Upcoming Chinese Spring Festival shakes fresh produce sales in China, it will start on 25th of January, 2020, it is the most celebrated Chinese tradition as families and friends get together, eat, drink, and be merry, with this special occasion, Fruit and vegetables are in great demand, Chinese fruit and vegetables importers are busy than ever with fresh produce china imports.

Fresh produce is one of indispensable shopping items for preparing the upcoming Chinese new year celebration, as family and friend getting together, eat, drink, and be merry, Chinese New Year celebration is the most important holiday for all Chinese. Nowadays, as Chinese consumers are growing awareness of healthy eating and healthy lifestyle leading to a better health and longevity.

Cucumber Price Doubles in China, Supply Does Not Meet Demand

There is a chance for import cucumber to China. Chinese cucumber price doubles, breaks the record of 3 yuan [0.43 USD]. The price of Chinese cucumbers has reached its highest position in the last few years. The overall production volume was relatively small this year but the main reason for the rising prices was an insufficient supply. Cucumbers from Liaocheng in Shandong occupied a large portion of the Chinese cucumber market. However, because the cucumber industry is insufficient and many farmers lack plantation experience, many people decided to plant other vegetables, which means that supply does not meet demand, and the price is rising as a result of this development, this satiation crates chances for importing cucumber to China.

Several Countries’ Pineapples have Gradually Entered the Chinese Market

GoGo Qingdao Limited imports S & W fresh pineapple from the Philippines all year round. “The quality this season is stable. Although prices during the last two months were lower, the market has by now stabilized and prices have picked up.” Frozen fruits from the Philippines gained market access to China this year, “Currently, the wholesale prices are 80-85 yuan per box (12 kg). The S&W pineapples we import from the Philippines. According to insiders, the import volume of pineapples from Panama has not been large since they gained access to China, and they have not had much impact on the Chinese pineapple market. However, Costa Rican pineapples have gradually entered the Chinese market, and there are times when there are large volumes available. Its strong competitiveness has affected the pineapple market, especially in some secondary markets. In terms of prices, the cost of Costa Rican pineapples is similar to that of Philippine pineapples, but the market prices of the latter are much lower, there are at least 10 containers arriving at Shanghai Port this week. ”

China Interested in Importing Kiwi Fruit

China is at the right moment for importing more kiwi fruit, Greek kiwi in particular gain attraction. As Greek kiwi suppler to China stated that “There is more interest in Greek kiwis from China”. The Greek kiwi season has been well on its way over the last few months. Although the produce is close to perfect according to the growers, a small decrease in demand from European countries can’t be denied. Luckily other countries overseas fill in the gap, and the season is going well overall. Despite that fact that France, Spain and the Netherlands import less Greek kiwi, but last year over 7.000 tons of Greek Kiwis of the Hayward variety have been successfully marketed, the bigger demand for Geek kiwi overseas, among others, mainly from China and the Emirates. In fact, it is not surprising Chinese consumers embrace Geek kiwi, Chinese New Year Festal is approaching, it is High Holiday season for the Chinese people to enjoy rare kiwi fruit, high season to import more fruits and vegetable to supply China market at the right moment, there seems to be more interest in Greek kiwis from countries like China.

Chinese importers for fruit and vegetables are in tune with the trend of Chinese consumer, fully and speedily to cooperate with the China market demand, there are more fruit and vegetables importing to China in this festal season than usual. For growers, imports/exports businesses engaged in fruit and vegetables, it is the right time to get on with China market chance, to connect with Chinese importers, to enter China market, and to bring your fresh produce into China, the List of Chinese Importers for Fruit and Vegetables will add value to your business in China market potentials.