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China pet market trend-pet food imports to China Jan. 25 – China present a significant opportunity for pet food companies. China market is at a critical juncture where the demand for high-quality pet food is growing rapidly. Today China revenue in the Pet Food segment amounts to US$771m in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 4.6% (CAGR 2019-2021), according to statista. China presents a significant opportunity for pet food and pet care companies.

Where Have the Most Pets in China?

The number of pet is growing in China, because the Chinese pet owner is growing too. The question is where are they? According to China pet association discovered that China pet owners often live nearby the coastline developed provinces and bigger cities in China, such as: Shanghai (12.4%), Beijing ( 11.2), Guangdong (10.1), Jiangsu (8.1%), Shandong (7.8), Zhejiang (5.3%), Hebei (4.7%), Fujian (4.7%), Henan (3.6%), and Hubei (2.9%), etc., China is a large country to cover but most pet owners are still concentrated on the east-cost. Why is that? Simply, it sits in the nature, where is water, where is animals. Those provinces and bigger cities in China are close to the sea water, close to the nature, it is the tradition of local residents to raise all sort of animals, mainly dog, cat, but birds, gold fish included. China pet concentrated regions made targeting the market easier, and made the pet business easier to focus, but competitive as well. One thing is for sure that the distance Beijing-Guangzhou is similar to Stockholm-Rome, or Chicago-Miami, which stimulate imaginations how broad and wider the China pet business it is.

What the Pet Business Worth in China?

In less than 10 years’ time, the pet market in China growing out of nothing till today’s multimillion dollar business, it is a phenomenal development, it is an anther China miracle – rich expressed in every angles, including pet welcomed in the households. Today, China has over 38 million family owned cats and dogs, 80, million fishes. It costs 2,580RMB ($420) for a luxury pet photo session; it cost 500 RMB ($80) for one hour training session for a dog. The China pet business has reached 4.5 billion yuan last year, with domestic and export sales of about 60 billion yuan. The number of Chinese pet food has increased 100% between 2007 and 2014. Annual growth for China pet food in 2019 will reach +9% on average; premium dog food +13%; premium cat food +10%. Within China pet market, however, how about China pet food and pet care industry, as China insiders indicate that at present China’s pet industry is not yet a mature, but it is rising, it must be better regulated for pet care industry and pet food demand and supply, streamline of foreign pet food and pet care products imports to China.

How Many Pet Food Dealers/Distribution Channels in China

With Chinese pet owners increasing awareness of brands, competing for better service rather than price, personalized high-end services and products are welcomed, and focus on quality become a trend. Pet food sells best in China, about 67% of total sales amount, among which dry food sells 39%, wet food 7% and snacks 21%. In Beijing along, there are about 30 agents; 20 high-end pet food and pet accessories stores; besides there are two bigger standard pet markets: “Beijing Aisida Pet Market”, “Beijing Oriental Xin Pet Paradise”, totally nearly 400 retailers in both pet local market, each retailer occupied 80 square meters average, 1500 square meters the largest. Within Shanghai present market situation, there are about pet food 50 agents, and two standard pet markets: “Beiqiao Huaboyuan Market of Shanghai”, and “Honghang Flower and Bird Market of Shanghai”. in Shanghai both local pet related markets, there are total about 600 retailers: 60 square meters average, 2700 square meters the largest, besides there are also have 20 high-end pet food and pet care stores with luxurious decoration, satisfying environment and service, plus 5 pet care chain stores.

How to Connect With Local Dealers for Pet Food/Pet Care Products in China?

With the increase of pets number, and the deepening development of China pet market, there’s a growing demand for quality and healthy pet food and pet care products or services, Chinese consumers nowadays are more value quality products, imported pet food and pet care, even pet toy items becomes popular, and in raising demand. In principle, China market of pets is divided into categories of dog, cat, aquatic animal, rabbit, and hamster and other small pets, reptile and bird. Dog and cat, with a percentage of 56% and 18% respectively, rank No. 1 and No. 2. They are followed by hamster and other small pets, bird and reptile. Those entire pet needed to be fed, pet food sales in China reported to reach $2.2 billion USD, China present a significant opportunity for pet food companies. For international pet food producers, pet food imports/exports companies and pet care items producers attempt to seek the market opportunities in China, DCCC connects you with China market right away, and there is a List of Chinese Importers for Pet Food and Pet Care Products available. Please contact with DCCC – the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. Email