China is to allow imports of U.S. beef – Chinese importers focus

China is to allow imports of U.S. beef – Chinese importers focusMay 17 – U.S. beef companies and exporters cheered up with the trade agreements reached between the United States and China recently. The trade deals provided good chance for U.S. beef producers. In one of the actions laid out under the agreement, China is to allow U.S. imports of beef, beginning as soon as possible but no later than July 16, 2017.

U.S. beef soon enter China market

The trade deals enclosed worthy news for U.S. beef exporters. Beef exports business in U.S. is getting activated by the open door to reach China market, China is one of attractive food and beverage market in the world. With beef import to China, related report indicate that in 2014, Australia, Uruguay, New Zealand and Canada were the major sources of import, among which Australia, exporting 135,210 tons of beef to China with an export value of USD 638.5 million, remained the largest exporter despite a decline in export value in 2014. Traditionally, China is not fan of beef meat, more pork in the pot than beef in Chinese daily life. However, with China modernization of food and habit of eating is changing, beef meat on table during the dinner is normal nowadays in Chinese families. On the other hand, traditionally, China is not beef producer, therefore is not exporter either. Now, with the actions plan in promoting U.S. – China economic engagement and cooperation, China is to allow imports of U.S. beef, that’s really stimulating news for U.S. beef exporters. U.S. beef producers and exporters are better prepared for such boosting.

Beef today is fine food in China

Chinese people enjoy getting together, entertaining with good food, beef meat is one of them in the pot nowadays, and others included poultry and pork meat. Remember, China habitually is pork meat consumption nation; beef meat is for some special occasions only. With the China economy progressive, more purchasing power from Chinese majority consumers, quality and life style mean more than before, including the meat eating tradition is changing. There is a growing tendency for beef consumed in China, particularly in some modern restaurant and fast Food supply chain, Chinese consumers crave for imported quality food and beverage is a trend in China now. This create unique chances for beef exporters from the main beef producing countries including the U.S. to supply a variety of beef products to difference sections in China’s market.

Connecting with Chinese importers for beef products

A related China report indicated that beef meat consumption in China has amplified progressively in the last few years, nowadays; beef meat is one of finer foods on Chinese dinner table. The leading reasons for such changes: due to China urbanization, income climbing and life style changes. China traditionally is not beef producing country, that’s lead to shortage supply and restricting demand for beef meats in China market. In reality, beef consumption in China expected to rise by 24% in the next 10years, according to insider’s analysis. Undoubtedly, there is an abundant opportunity for increasing volume of export beef to China, not only U.S. beef export to China, but in general, the Chinese market offers global beef traders an excellent chance, to export beef to China. Chinese importers for beef are getting prepared as well by the upcoming busy season of beef import into China. For the List of Chinese Importers for Beef Meat in China available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: