China Investment in Europe 2015 – Update deals Swiss, Holland in August

China Investment in Europe 2015 – Update deals Germany, Swiss, Holland in AugustAug. 11 – We continue to see China investment in Europe growing, there are different acquisition or procurement happening weekly, There are also China investment in Europe 2015 – update deals Belgian and France in June. Chinese companies made investment new deals with Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands at the first week of August, 2015.

China update deals with Germany – Date: 6 Aug. 2015, DEA General Aviation to acquire Germany’s XtremeAir. DEA General Aviation Holding Co., Ltd. announced on August 5 that its wholly-owned subsidiary in Germany, Rotor Schmiede GmbH, intends to acquire a 100% interest in Germany’s now bankrupt Xtremeair for EUR 3.6m. This acquisition will cover all of XtremeAir’s assets, business operations and outstanding debts.

Founded in 2015, and headquartered in Magdeburg, XtremeAir is Germany’s leading aircraft manufacturer developing and manufacturing fixed-wing aircrafts. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection due to a shortage of funds, but still retains over 40 employees and normal business operations. According to DEA General Aviation, its acquisition of XtremeAir will broaden its business scope, and represents an important step towards overseas expansion.

China update deals with Netherlands – Date: 5 Aug. 2015, Forbon to acquire 55% Holland Novochem B.V. China Hubei Forbon Technology Co., Ltd. announced on August 4 that it intends to acquire a 55% interest in Holland Novochem B.V. for EUR 17.79m (RMB 112m) through its Dutch subsidiary. According to an independent financial consulting firm, as of 30 April 2015, a 55% interest in Holland Novochem B.V. is equivalent to a net book value of RMB 14.265m, which, compared to the assessed value of RMB 123m, represents a value added rate of 760.49%. Founded in 1992, Holland Novochem focuses on the research, manufacturing, and sales of fertilizer additives. The company has established close ties with multiple renowned fertilizer manufacturers in Europe and has more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Forbon Technology is China’s biggest fertilizer additive producer.

This acquisition will enable the company to capitalize on Novochem’s sales channels, service network and customer resources to increase its sales volume, net profit, and business operations. In June 2015, Forbon Technology established a cooperative and a subsidiary in the Netherlands to further expand into Europe. The cooperative, named Forbon Technology Netherlands Holdings Coöperatief U.A., and the subsidiary, Forbon Technology Netherlands B.V., will be engaged in foreign investment and trade. Forbon Technology is China’s biggest fertilizer additive producer. Forbon’s Netherlands subsidiary will help it access cutting-edge technology in Europe.

China update deals with Swissport – Date: 3 Aug 2015, HNA Group to purchase Swissport for CHF 2.73bn. On July 30, 2015 HNA Group signed an agreement with the European private equity firm PAI Partners SAS to purchase full control of airport luggage handler Swissport International Ltd. (Swissport) from the latter for CHF 2.73bn. The takeover will be the largest overseas acquisition by a Chinese airliner in recent years.

HNA will operate Swissport as a stand-alone business to complement its air transport, logistics and tourism services. According to HNA Group, this takeover is subject to approvals of regulatory and anti-trust authorities, and is expected to close no earlier than the end of 2015. Founded in 1997, Swissport is the world´s largest ground and cargo handling company operating in 270 airports across 48 countries and providing services to approximately 700 airliners.

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