China industrial robot industry report and forecast 2016-2019

China Industrial Robot Invention ReportJul. 15 – China robot industry fly high growth in 2016, that’s not surprising, according to Reuters report that China to have most robots in world by 2017. The automotive industry is by far the largest customer for robots in China. The electronics industry is expected to follow. The automation of China’s production plants has just started, China industrial robot almost explosive growth over the last two or three years.

The rise of industrial robot manufacturing in China, China robot industry flies high growth- with the government robotics industry development plan. The reality of robotics industry in China indicated that more than 40 robotics industrial parks were either finished or under construction by the end of 2015, with more being planned. Meanwhile, the total number of sizable robot enterprises has exceeded 800, but some of them are merely doing low-end assembly or processing. Therefore, China robotics industry development plan, issued by the central government in April 2016 has drawn a blueprint for China’s robotics industry. According to the plan, Chinese branded companies will manufacture 100,000 units of industrial robots by 2020, robot density is to exceed 150, and more than 3 internationally competitive robotics companies will be formed. However, there is a basic economic principle that the expansion of the China robotics industry should be within the market demand. Supply and demand is not an actual law but it is well confirmed and understood realization, which is a fundamental for China robotics industry development plan. Many Chinese industrial robot makers confident about the future, and the potential of the robotics industry in China due to the increasing interest from the public and the encouraging policy of the government.

Industry robot market in China growth rapidly, China robot industry flies high growth- with the demand of industrial robotic market. In China, companies are forced to invest ever more in robots to be more productive and raise quality. In the current phase it’s the auto industry, but in the next two or three years it will be driven by the electronics industry, the automation of China’s production plants has almost explosive growth over the last two or three years. China has just 30 robots per 10,000 workers employed in manufacturing industries, compared with 437 in South Korea, 323 in Japan, 282 in Germany and 152 in the United States. But a race by car-makers to build plants in China along with wage inflation that has eroded the competitiveness of Chinese labor will push the operational stock of industrial robots to more than double to 428,000 by 2017. China will have more robots makers by 2017 than any other country as it cranks up automation of its car and electronics factories, industrial robotic companies in China developed swiftly.

Why China industrial robot industry attracts manufacturers? China robot industry fly high growth – due to cope with labor shortages and rising salaries in China, many insightful entrepreneurs get into robotics industry quickly with various functions of robotic products following the market supply and demand. In 2015, Chinese robot makers manufactured 22,000 units of industrial robots, up 31.3 percent year-on-year, a faster rate of increase than that of foreign brands’ 12.5 percent rise during the same period. In 2015, sales of robots in the Chinese market reached 68,459 units, up 18 percent year-on-year. The number of more sophisticated multi-joint robots made in China grew 71.7 percent year-on-year, compared with the 12.5 percent growth of multi-joint robot sales in China, Xinhua News Agency reported. Such an outstanding growth rate was based on the fact that Chinese brands accounted for only 15.1 percent of the total multi-joint robots, and up to 59 percent of the industrial robots sold in China are multi-joint ones. China has been the world’s largest industrial robot market since 2013.There is a great potential for China industrial robotic companies future growth which will continue to shape China’s robot density in global scales.

The forecast of China industrial robot industry 2016-2019, the automotive industry is by far the largest customer for robots in China, accounting for about 40 percent of robots in operation, as China is both the world’s biggest car market and its biggest production site. The electronics industry is expected to follow. In China, demand for industrial robots has increased intensely. Chinese robot makers posted faster growth in the output of industrial robots than did foreign brands last year, sales of robotic technology reached 5.6 million units, up 54 per cent compared with previous year, China to have most robots in world by 2017, Xinhua News Agency reported. The demand will continue to rise as China needs more-advanced equipment to upgrade its manufacturing. Industrial robots are a major part of the robotics industry and are often used in industrial processes. Equipped with state-of-the-art robotics technology, industrial robots are used in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, electronic, mechanical and chemical industries, among others. There were about 225,000 units of industrial robots were sold worldwide in 2014. This statistic has increased by 27 percent from the previous year, according to the International Federation of Robotics. The already booming China robot industry is believed to be heading for more robust growth, as many manufacturers in China are battling against labor shortages and ever-increasing labor costs. There is a insiders insight on China Industrial Robot Industry Report and Forecast 2016-2019 and a List of Top Industrial Robot Manufacturers in China compiled by, based on their technology, brand reputation, installation and financial performance which is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: