China Independent Design House (IDH) – competitive and dynamics

China Independent Design House (IDH) by dccchina.orgMar. 15 – Today, the China Local Independent Design House (IDH) is competitive and dynamics. The China Local Independent Design House (IDH) is the vital strength behind the brands, makes the smartphones product successful, the China Local Independent Design House (IDH) holds key position in global mobile industry.


The Bond Between IDHs and ODMs


  • IDH: Independent Design House. IDHs perform electronic system design including PCB. They may also perform industrial design and software design and integration. Some IDHs purely perform design, however most offer design as part of a wider ODM service.
  • ODM: Original Design Manufacturer. ODMs can undertake design and manufacturing, including: industrial design, electronic system design, pre-production testing, semi-knocked-down and fully-knocked-down manufacturing.
  • ODM + IDH key players are mainly from mainland China. Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India, South-east Asia and etc. China IDHs/ODMs are on the top.
  • EMS: Electronics manufacturing services. EMS companies provide up to full manufacturing services, including procurement, supply chain management, semi-knocked-down, fully-knocked-down manufacturing, finished goods logistics and etc.
  • Global ODM + IDH players includes companies from mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India, South-east Asia and etc.


IDHs and ODMs in China


The China Local Independent Design House (IDH), and Original Design Manufacturer (ODMs) in China are the vital strength behind the brands designing,  in the changing competitive dynamics of China’s mobile industry, along with manufacturing best-selling to make the smartphones brand successful. The entire smartphone industry now depends on the Chinese design houses, original design manufacturers called as IDH/ODMs; according to an eminent expert in the field of tech, IDHs/ODMs are the key driver behind the brands designing, as well as manufacturing hot-selling smartphones to make mark in the industry, and IDHs in China are an important part of the value chain. Moreover, in the global smartphone industry, outsourcing design & manufacturing of smartphone models has become a growing trend, there is no doubt that China Local Independent Design House (IDH) play an important role, on the road  toward new brand of smartphone creation,  souring China IDH as business partners has becoming a beneficial approach toward new brand creation, there are many other methods of cooperation with China local independent design house (IDH).


Liaising with ODM partners is commonly implemented


Especially, Profits of out-sourcing the design & manufacturing of smartphones to ODM companies are obvious, Liaising with ODM partners is commonly implemented, and preferred by smartphone OEMs to enhance product development competence. There are various of the OEMs or smartphone brands outsource design, part from this, development and manufacturing to local independent design houses (IDHs) or ODMs, some of the key brands, among others, Apple, Huaqin, Wingtech, etc., all has developed expertise in high quality manufacturing adopting EMS model.


Chinese younger generation skilled labor force come to front in fully play


The China Local Independent Design House (IDH) demonstrates remarkable capacity for smartphone product designs, in this competitive, dynamic and unique tech creative sector, Chinese younger generation skilled labor force come to front in fully play, dominates this Local Independent Design House (IDH) industry in China.  in particular, Top five global IDH/ODM leaders are all Chinese companies, Huaqin, Wingtech, Longcheer and Wind, among others, there are Chinese ODMs working with local operators across different markets. China based ODMs alone, captured more than 90% share of the global smartphone shipments designed/manufactured by ODMs in 2017, according to reliable data.


Top Global IDH/ODM Leaders are All Chinese Companies


The upsurge of China mobile industry through reinforce IDH/ODM, which can be best described by a typical Chinese proverb. (鸟枪换炮: bird-shotgun replaced by cannon (idiom); It is a metaphor that the equipment has significantly upgraded, which describes a situation or condition that has greatly improved. Here, it also showed that how vital role the China Local Independent Design House (IDH) /ODM played in the growth, expansion and progress of China mobile industry today, which enable some of Chinese mobile tech giant companies are raised up into dominant position in the global mobile industry, a few home‐grown brands have become the leading suppliers of smartphones, outperforming international premium brands, such as Nokia, Motorola and even Apple.


China local independent design houses (IHDs) are front-runner


Today, importantly to note that China Local Independent Design House (IDH), all top influential global IDH/ODM players are all Chinese companies, from smartphones and mobile digital services, to the rise of the Chinese brands for smartphones, those at the middleware and application levels China IDHs have becoming indispensable subdivision in the mobile communications sector. Particularly, the China Local Independent Design Houses (IDHs) are the essential driving force, which push Chinese brands for smartphones to the dominant position in the global mobile industry. China IDHs’ remain to harvest decent commercial in the future, serving out fresher brands to complete total electronic system design, pre-production testing and some low-level PCB manufacturing. China local independent design house (IHD) is the front-runner in the IDH global market.


Changing Competitive Dynamics of IDHs in China


Outwardly, the China Local Independent Design House (IDH) , the emergence of those Chinese home‐grown brands has benefitted from this factor, moreover, but it has much to do with the trend of platform‐based development in the migration towards smartphones, the mobile digital services, and the role of grassroots demands in the Chinese market, in addition, the growing popularity of mobile internet services with Chinese versions and style. As a result, there have been profound changes in the Chinese ecosystem of the smartphone, and in the mobile communications service sectors. The diverse demand from the grassroots in both spatial and social terms, particularly, those in the lower tiers of the market, it is an important factor underlying the latest development of the smartphone sector, (smartphones for the masses) in China.


Consolidated, and become more institutionalized


It should be noted, in the migration from 4G to 5G, the mobile communications sector, service and device have become more application driven factor than ever, bringing about platform‐based development and competition, a shift in the source of competitiveness and dynamics for mobile phone players, which from the sphere of architectural design (the infrastructure level) to that of middleware/service platform.

Undoubtedly, the Local Independent Design House (IDH) engineering play a key role, which help to push China mobile industry going beyond with a great leap forward step. Today, the Chinese market for smartphones has consolidated, and become more institutionalized than before. Some key factors can’t be overlooked in the process of the new ecosystem, and industrial transformation, the role of industrial evolution towards platform‐based development, the social and market factors in shaping the Chinese innovations and industrial ecosystem.


Factors Market Growth of IDHs in China


There are some key factors market growth of the China Local Independent Design House (IDH) . First of all, in terms of technology breakthrough, China innovation communications industry can be measured as a milestone sector. There are key players, two leading Chinese and international communication equipment manufacturers (Huawei, ZTE), and also China’s flagship international industrial standard, TD‐SCDMA (Time Division‐Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) for the firth-generation mobile phone (5G), emerged out of this sector. At the beginning stage, the rapid development of Shanzhai handsets dominated the China’s mobile industry, which had brought advanced growth of China’s mobile communications market, the new business strategy led to the growth of the China Local Independent Design House (IDH) industry.

Moreover, the China Local Independent Design House (IDH)  has developed valuable business strategic approach, and experienced the benefits of new methods, the development of the Shanzhai handset sector summed to a bottom‐up method to innovation in China, compared to the government’s top‐down method to original innovations and industrial standards, often involving generous government support and a few national champions. This changing style of innovation in China had closely connected with the production system required, and the cross‐strait innovation network, involving some leading IC (Integrated Circuit) design houses and local independent Design Houses (IDHs) in China, in the migration towards 5G and smartphones, indeed, home‐grown brands, such as: Huawei, Lenovo, Coolpad and ZTE, have added a strong market foothold in the Chinese market, against their international rivals.


List of China Local Independent Design Houses (IDHs) Update by


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