China imported wine consumption and market outlook is bright

China imported wine consumption and  market outlook is brightApr. 7 – China wine market, the fifth largest in the world, in 2015, and the Chinese consumed 131.9 million cases of red wine. Once, wine consumers carelessly pick up bottles since they cannot read French or English labels on imported bottles. However, now the major wine buying power in China is young generation well-educated middle-class, imported wines are far valuable and attractive in China market.

Imported bottles are far eye-catching in China wine market, imported wines mean more for Chinese wine consumers, not only the quality of imported wines, but plus feeling somewhat different, some even taste with pride and prejudice. Imported wine flavors are expansion among wine consumers in China, with growth by 3.3 percent in volume between 2013 and 2014. French wines account for 42 percent of consumption in China. Australian wine holds the second place with 4 million cases consumed. Spain is a new star, being the top performer in China in 2015 in terms of volume increase. Imports were up 55.6 percent between January and May compared to the same period in 2014. In 2015, wine sales in China were worth 78 billion yuan, with imported wines accounting for 26 billion yuan. According to government data, it projects overall liquor sales in China at more than 1 trillion yuan in 2016.

China is the world’s largest wine-buying/importing country; this can be credited to the growing number of lifestyle changing younger generation Chinese consumers. The imported wine market is still largely concentrated in first-tier cities in China, Vinexpo predicts that China imported wine market outlook is bright to 2019, indeed it is typical “sour grapes + spirited import = sweet profit”, China’s imported wines and spirits/alcohol businesses looks doing well with accomplished fragrant turnover.

For importing wine to China, particularly fruit wines may become popular in China, as stated by related research, estimates suggest by the end of 2017, 4 billion bottles of wine, including 1.19 billion bottles of imported wine, will have been consumed in Asia, much of it in China, India and Southeast Asia. In volume terms, China tops country for both wines and spirits. Double-digit growth marked imports in the past five years, according to related data. Some foreign winemakers and exporters are cashing in on the demand for good-value drinks in China. In fact, some experts believe the love for wine has just begun in China, the demand for imported wines is still high and the local wine market in China is just beginning to tap the unharnessed potential, for example, China will soon surpass the US as the top consumer of Chilean wine, the sales of Chilean wine have grown by 43 percent in the last five years in China and should grow by around 30 percent in 2016. Chilean wineries are currently seeing sales of $150 million a year in China, which are set to reach $180-$190 million in 2016.

This is a great opportunity for importing wins to great China as Chinese consumers grow more and fond of imported foreign wines, here the key is to set up long-term business relationships to enter into China wine market. As estimates suggest by 2020, about 60 percent of the world’s post-1990 generation will live in Asia with an expected $200 billion in disposable income. A significant part of it will likely be spent on alcoholic beverages. China imported wine market outlook is bright in the future. For the “List of Chinese Major Importers/Distributors for Foreign Wines in China” available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: