Cheery fresh produce in Chinese market with Chilean on top

Dec. 29 – Cheery fresh produce is fashionable fruit in China, Chinese cheery importers are serving the lust of Chinese consumers. The peak sales of cherry in China are December and the New Year, now Chinese cheery importers are engulfing the Chinese market with a “red storm”.


Cheery Quality Remains Strong, Production Volume Expands


China is the largest importer of Chilean cherries. Trade relations between China and Chile are stable and growing stronger every year. Ronald Bown, chair of ASOEX: “Although the outbreak of Covid-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to international trade, we continued to export fresh fruit in the 2019-2020 season and kept our promises with international clients.” The weather conditions in Chile were very suitable for cherry growth this year. The overall production volume is expected to reach 300 thousand tons, which is an increase of 15% in comparison with last year. About 90% of the cherries are destined for the Chinese market. The Chilean cherries is popular with Chinese consumers, every year a growing number of Chinese consumers enjoys Chilean cherries. ASOEX and the Chilean Fruit Development Foundation (FDF) issued extra safety regulation that covers from cherry harvest, selection, packaging to transport, these measures are implemented in every segment of the production and export process, to guarantee the quality and food safety in the cherry export market during the Covid-19 pandemic period.


Large Volumes of Chilean Cherries Enter Chinese Market


Chinese cherries are still a long way from entering the domestic market. Recently Chinese fresh produce farmers have been in the transition period of filling in some new cheery varieties that better serve Chinese consumer’s taste. According to “Cherry King” Liu Wenpo, the Chinese cherries have just finished the pollination season. A small volume may be ripe around Chinese New Years 2021 Spring Festival [12 February, 2021] and supplement the supply volume of Chilean cherries, but Chinese cherries will only enter the domestic market in large volumes after Chinese Spring Festival. Chilean cherries are about to enter Chinese Xinfadi Market in large volumes. This is the time of year when Chilean cherries are air-freighted to the Chinese market. The supply volume is relatively small and the price is high. The supply volume is insufficient to satisfy the huge consumer demand for Chilean cherries. The current supply of Chilean cherries is air-freighted to the Chinese market, but the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced the number of flights, which is why the supply volume is insufficient to satisfy consumer demand, according to Xue Furong,  Chinese fruit importer and retailer at Xinfadi Wholesale Fruit Market. Related Trade Data shows that China is the largest importer of Chilean cherries. almost 90% of the production volume Chilean cherries is destined for the Chinese market. The weather conditions in Chile have been great so far during the 2020-2021 season, so the overall production volume increased by 15% in comparison with last year. The overall production volume is around 300 thousand tons and nearly all of them goes to the Chinese market. 


Cheery Consumption on the Rise and Fruit Prices Goes Up


Cheery Consumption is at the right season in China, the current fruit prices jump in the Chinese market has also pushed up cherry prices go higher this moment. Among the three major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, the cherry retail price is lowest in Beijing. The wholesale price of 0.5 kilo and 1 kilo cherries is around 580-630 RMB [88.64-96.28 US$] per 0.5 kilo in Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Fruit Market. The 0.5 kilo and 1 kilo cherries in Shanghai and Guangzhou, however, sell for as much as 610-680 RMB [93.23 – 103.93 US$] per 0.5 kilo. The season of sea-freight cherries will only begin in 10 days when Chilean cherries begin to arrive in Beijing Xinfadi Market in large volumes. Only then will the price come down.” In addition, according to a related report, in Shanghai’s Yantai county, the farm gate price for Meizao (Bing) cherries was 40-50 RMB (US$5.8 -US$7.2) per kilo, an increase of 20% from last year. Also, for greenhouse cherries in Yantai up 140-160 RMB (US$20.30 – US$23.20) per kilo. With enlarged production and a prolonged supply season, Chinese cherry consumption also continues to upsurge. Due to the fast-growing Chinese market demands for cherries, online e-commerce retailers are getting more chances for flourishing, they closely working with cherry suppliers to boosted marketing with upgraded logistics, to reach the local Chinese consumers in faster growth in 3rd and 4th-tier cities. Particularly with imported cherry, this fast-growing local demand for cherries that create market opportunities for cherry producers and fruit exporting countries. With almost 1.4 bn Chinese population, the demand for fresh fruit in China expected to continue growing over the next few years, China offers a major new opportunity for fresh produce market expansion.


Cherry Fruit China Imports


China becomes the fastest growing market for cherry imports which contributed to China’s economic growth. In the past, the higher cherry prices are unaffordable for most ordinary Chinese families, the cherry price is so high in Chinese market. There are several facts, first of all, because China itself does not produce much cherry due to the climate limitation, and secondly, China is not cherry fruit producing rich country traditionally speaking. It seems cherry is not Chinese productive thing among other fresh produce or farm products cultivating, although enjoy the taste. Cherry is considered as an occasional fruit in China, it is rare, and expensive. Not only the prices of cherry are always variant and higher than most other fruits, but also the better-quality cherry is mostly imported from other cherry producing countries. Nowadays, with China’s unprecedented economic growth, the country has become a wide-reaching imports/exports house. Given the data and volume of cherry China imports, once “rate” cherry has become accessible to the Chinese market and its growing middle class. If you ask what is the most favorite fruit in China, undoubtable, it is cherry fruit.


Today Cherries as China’s Largest Imported Fruit by Value


Cheery fruit fashion is raging unabated [有增无减]in Chinese market, cherries is on the top fresh produce in China fruit imports. With Chile cheery imported to China, consumers’ taste for cherry is intensified and strengthened, the fresh colorful cherries are real eye catcher, and cheers consumers lust up. Chile cherries dominate the cheery China import. China’s cherry import valued at US$1.3bn over the 2018/19 market year, according to a related report. The China Customs data ranked Chilean cherry shipments to China on the top of the list of import origins over 2018 at 163,475 tones, the US second on the list of import origins over 2018 at 14,398 tones, ahead of Canada (5,482 tones), Australia (1,597 tones) and New Zealand (1,043 tones). Chile remains the solitary prime cherry contractor to China, with import capacities anticipated to upsurge over the following period as cherry production in the Latino continues to rise. Cherry partnership with China flourishes this year, China market demands for cherries make sense for cherries as one of its biggest fruit exports countries, Chinese consumer signifies a vast potential for local fresh produce exporters among cheery supply countries. For international cherry producers, cherry famers, fruit imports/exports companies attempt to seek the market opportunities in China, the List of Chinese Importers for Cherry Fruit is available. For further information. Please contact DCCC- the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. Email to: