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Cheese import to China | Chinese cheese importers | China cheese marketJan. 25 – Cheese in China is doing well year by year, according to a related report. Although China is not major cheese consumption country in the word, cheese gains attraction among the category of imported food and beverage, China cheese market present more opportunity for cheese import to China, there are more Chinese importers focus on importing cheese to China.

Chinese consumers embrace all kinds of packaged food with cheese

Traditionally, China is not a cheese consuming country, pure cheese or cheese related products were considered as luxury food. Nowadays, along with the rising family income, growing consumer’s awareness of healthy eating lifestyles. Especially toward imported cheese products, the nutritious benefits of the cheese attract more Chinese consumers attention in recent years. Imported food and beverage become more popular in China market, Chinese consumers day by day get used to consume cheese dairy food and beverage products which most of them imported to China, such as: milk tea or fruit drinks covered with cream and cheese mix, cheese-flavored biscuits, cheese-flavored ice cream, etc. McDonald’s and Pizza Hut with cheeses in it.

Take the cheese opportunities for children in China

Chinese average family still heavily emphasis on investing in children’ health, Children’s cheese dairy products is one of them, especially when it comes to children’s cheese where it enjoys a high attraction, all kinds of milk tea or fruit drinks covered with cream and cheese mix, cheese-flavored biscuits, cheese-flavored ice cream, children’s cheese sticks, etc., even Chinese children’s TV programme advertisements link with cheese branding in China, attracting more children to consume cheese products. Yong family with small children, parents have started to buy children’s cheese snacks, it is widely believed that the presence of calcium in cheese will support vital functions in the growth of children. The most attractive cheese brands are cheese snacks for children such as Stick Cheese, Kiddy Cheese and Small Triangle Cheese. Chinese new generation embark on the adaptation to the taste of cheese, they may become a cheese eater generation, set up new eating treads in China. For those who are engaged in cheese or dairy businesses, opportunities in children’s cheese are broad in China.

Chinese importers for cheese dairy products

It is reported that cheese continued high double-digit value growth in 2017, Cheese is expected to see continued positive retail value growth in 2018 due to the growing consumer awareness of benefit of consuming nutritious cheese products. With the popular believe that cheese is a healthy food that contains more protein and calcium, more Chinese consumers pay more attention to nutritious food and beverage products, imported cheese is one of food attraction in the coming years. Notice the China cheese market trends, future market growth for the Cheese industry and linking Chinese importers is the most important element for taking your cheese business to China. If you’re in the Cheese industry or cheese export-import sector, our Chinese cheese importers list will link you with Chinese importers while enriching you to make well informed, profitable decisions, planning your import export strategy with our expert qualitative Chinese importers contacts, specific connections and complete guide to bring your cheese business to China market. For the List of Chinese Imports for Cheese and Dairy Products available upon request, please contact with DCCC or email to: