Cheery fruit export to China – cherry Chinese importers in China

Cheery fruit export to ChinaJun. 19 – Exporting cheery fruit to China is growing with increased demand, there are cheery from Canada, Turkey, particularly, Chilean cheery in the Chinese market are doing well. Cheery varieties imported to China through Chinese Importers. Now, it’s more cheery growers’ want to find importers in China.


China Cheery Market New Turning


There is a growth in demand for cherries fruit in China. As the coronavirus situation in China subsides, markets are recovering and the fruit trade is gradually rebounding. Recent traffic restrictions have resulted in shortages of many goods, and sellers are now rushing to restock their shelves. As a result, cheery fruit varieties are being shipped quickly and in large volumes, it’s cheery time of the year again, cheery fruit export to China is a trend. For cheery fruit growers, export traders seeking cheery fruit export to China, it’s right time to act on now. With China cheery market new development, cheery fruit export to China keeps in line by statistics, with F&B China imports in general is also growing, the COVID crisis is almost over, China market opportunities are open up wider. China: Revenue in the Fresh Fruits segment amounts to US$79321m in 2020. The market is expected to grow annually by 5.3% (CAGR 2020-2025), according to statista market forecast.

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Cherries Export to China


Today, China imports more fruit than ever, among others, the most favorite is the cheery. When it comes to cherry fruits in the Chinese market, Chilean cherry is famous and popular among Chinese consumers. Chilean cherry exporters determined to take China market opportunities, growers expand their cheery farms for supplying China’s demand, Chinese consumers loves Chilean cherry. In recent years, The Chilean Cherry Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) initiated several campaigns operations over Chilean Cherry Export to China which created sound results, the Chinese loves Chilean cherry, fancy the unique taste and the attractive bright tint. China is a huge country, the most popular fruits are apple, pear and water melon, cherry fruits are considered exclusive and selective, because China is not cherry fruits rich producing country, the climate and tradition plays an important role for insufficient supplying cherry fruits to the market in China. Thus, it’s not surprising that several cherry fruits richer producing countries, like, Turkey, Canada, the US, etc. are eyeing on China huge fruits market opportunities, they are already act on today’s economic and seasonal chances, energetically take straight action, and direct export cherry to China.


Cherries On the Top in China Fruit Import Volumes


Cherries on top in China import volumes tipped to climb over 2019/20 market year, with Chile leading the way. Cherries have retained their mantle as China’s largest imported fruit by value, with Chile continuing to dominate the trade. A recent USDA Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report valued China’s cherry import trade at US$1.3bn over the 2018/19 market year (12 months to 31 March 2019), with over 180,000 tons of the fruit shipped to the Asian nation over this time period.


US Cherries Imported to China


Indeed, at this moment, US cherries are popular in the Chinese market, there are mainly dominated by Chelan and Santina cherry varieties. In the Chinese fruit market, the US cherries are doing well in China, the cherry season in the USA had only just begun, however, the first US cherries of the year already arrived on the Chinese market on the 5th of May, 2021, more US cherries supply expected to arrive by the end of June, carried by chartered planes. The main cherry suppliers of the Chinese market are the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile. The USA is the second-largest cherry supplier in the world. The USA has a production capacity of more than 300,000 tons per year. During January and February, China imported 164,000 tons (+26% YOY) of fresh cherries. The vast majority of these cherries (161,000 tons, +26% YOY) originated from Chile.


China’s Monthly Fruit Imports in 2021


The statistic shows in April 2021, fruit imports to China amounted to approximately 1.25 billion U.S. dollars. The pick period is in January 2021, during Chinese New Year time, fruit imports to China amounted to approximately 1.93 billion U.S. dollars. Then came to February 2021, fruit imports to China amounted also to approximately 1.25 billion U.S. dollars, it was the same amount of China’s monthly fruit imports as April 2021, it indicated that China’s monthly fruit imports tend to the direction of constant and stable. In addition, as recently reported that in June 2021, US cherries already arrived in the Chinese market, and by the end of the June, 2021, a large volumes US cherry will continue arrive in China.

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China Fruit Imports Expo 2021


“World fruit, China market”, What a magnificent catchphrase in today’s global fruit world. For a long time, there is a popular phrase “Made in China”, however, nowadays, a more popular phrase “Market in China”. Probably, not only in the fruit world, it indicates China is a world market for almost any commodity. Needless to say, China contains a world market with 1.4 billion Chinese, in many ways, demand of the Chinese market as an identifier for the suppliers, and impact the producers, suppliers, imports and exports, and after of all influence the global market. The power of Chinese market can’t be underrated, China has world-size capability for consumer goods, and the consumption demand is raising year by year, particularly, food and drinks. In this case, it is fruit, fresh produce, and specifically it is over exclusive cheery fruit export to China, and Chinese imports for cheery fruit is a part of the theme of China Fruit Expo 2021. 

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How to Find Importers in China


Many cheery producers and growers realized it is difficult to find Chinese importers for cheery, especially, to explore China market opportunities, what are the more effective options for benefiting local cheery growers. How to find importers in China is a key concern for many exporters. There are fewer effective channels for finding Chinese importers in China: through China Ministry of Commerce, Chinese Import/Export Commodities Expo, and China Customers Control, etc. However, there is a surest way to contact reliable Chinese importers, garnered to bring your products to the Chinese market, that is through, the organization is specialized in providing newly updated List of Chinese Importers with complete verified contact details. For cheery Chinese importers’ List, there is no exception, it is available as well via Provides Reliable Chinese Importers’ List


As cheery season arrived, some local cheery growers sell to retailers and traders, perhaps, now it’s right time to consider to direct export cheery to China. Every year in cheery harvest season, Chinese cheery fruit importers expect more cheery fruit getting into China, especially, from local cheery growers, rather than through retailers and traders, direct contact Chinese importers for cheery fruit is more benefit to growers or local farmers. Now, it’s cheery time again in China, for those cheery farmers wish to enter Chinese market, there is a List of Chinese Importers for Cheery Fruit in China is available, this List has been proved reliable, handy and useful, especially benefit to both, relatively bigger cheery farms, and smaller and middle-sized cheery growers as well. Through this cheery Chinese importers’ list transformed many cheery businesses, raised various cheery farms profit to the maximum horizon. For those who enquiring this list, please contact, email to: