Belgian Beer in China – Rising Demand Thanks European Breweries

Jan. 21 – Belgium makes some of the finest beers in the world; China is the largest beer-drinking market in the world. By 2012, the size of the beer market in China had grown to more than 47.5 billion liters. Chinese Beer fans are fizzing up sales for Belgian brewers.

Belgium beer has a good time in China, the sales have been growing steadily, especially from five-star hotels in major cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai. In most cases, production is not enough to accommodate for demand. However, in the early years selling Belgian beer to Chinese people was not that easy, because in China there were not popular for drinking foreign beers, by then, not many people were aware of the drink beers, but wine. Now, more Chinese have started developing a taste for foreign beers, especially demand for smaller Belgian craft beers is raising steadily.

That’s made Belgian brewers with shipments from Antwerp to Chinese ports witnessing a steady growth. In the past few years, economic crisis hits hard in the EU beer market, and beer sales across most of Europe countries have remained cool down. At looking outside the EU beer market for alternative. Sales beer to the Chinese, from Belgium to China, at the very beginning, which started more as a test-marketing venture, now have instead blossomed into a big business.

China beer market experienced rapid development through importing foreign beers, and Chinese people cultivated a taste for a good beers, even Bordeaux wine shop and bar opens in Beijing, China’ first wine cellar opens in Changli county, etc., China market demand for beers has made China as the world’s largest beer market in terms of consumption in 2003. Even as the smaller Belgian beer makers are connecting with premium customers in China, Belgian based company is the third-largest brand in the Chinese beer market at this moment. Is it true that Chinese people prefer mild beers, while in the West the demand is more for bitter beverages? You have to ask the beer drinkers themselves to get the right answer. For the List of Chinese Impostors for Wine and Beer, available upon request, contact with DCCC or mail to