A golden age for China’s dental and oral care market 2017-2021

A golden age for China's dental and oral care market 2017-2021Oct. 9 – With surging demand for dental and oral care among Chinese consumers will lead to explosive growth in China dental care market. According to a report statistics, China oral-care market is worth RMB100 billion (US$14 billion), while the market value of dental equipment and related products and services is expected to exceed RMB400 billion by 2020.

Dental care China market – Teeth whitening and orthodontic services stand out

At present, the level of service providers (dentists, hygienists), however, can only meet about 20% of demand, in reality, teeth whitening technology and medical devices that reduce damage to teeth as having particularly good prospects. Among others, with awareness and financial affordability play key roles for the significant changing, a strong evidence suggest that there is huge space for China dental and oral-care market growth. Especially training programs urgently for students, and faculty including dental continuing education courses, and manufacturing higher quality professional dental care products. Furthermore, there is a phenomena that rural China dental and oral care will robust too, as China insiders revealed that more and more farmers, planters and cultivators who reside in the countryside now growing awareness of the importance of dental and oral care linked to overall personal health, protection, and well-being. According to a related industry report indicates that approximately that some 300 million Chinese patients visit dental clinics every year, a figure expected to grow at a rate of 13-15% for the foreseeable future. Among others, teeth whitening and orthodontic services are the most in-demand treatments with seeking dental care patients in China. These noticeable changing address the future prospects of the dental and oral care sector; China’s dental expert indicates that a golden age for China’s dental and oral-care market will be 2017-2021.

The number of private operators surged in China dental and oral care market

Currently, with Chinese government’s supportive policies works, those doctors are now free to practice across multiple sites. As Chinese consumer demand increases, the number and size of dental and oral care practices will certainly raise affectedly in China. There is a tendency that the larger private oral-care companies to open a chain of dental clinics to meet the growing demand across China, furthermore, in China rural areas, to convene busy farmers, and avoid traveling long distance to be treated in hospital for their dental problems, it is expected that small to medium-sized local dental clinics will grow in rural China in the coming period 2017-2021. Meanwhile, the investors eye on dental care sector open-wide which attracted by the potentially high returns, with billion RMB investment by several Chinese companies in dental and oral care industry which are expected that several large chain-operated hospitals coming to dominate the sector in 2017-2021.

What’s on the road ahead for China’s dental and oral-care market?

The private oral-care sector is facing some challenges with deficiency of qualified administrators, skilled specialists and essential tools, facilities and apparatus. With growing demand and Chinese government supporting policies, as a related China report indicates that it is expected that investment funding will help to overcome this equipment, tools, staff competences, overall clinic management and related services challenges, step further to reach and keep in line with international norms in dental and oral care services arena. For the China’s Dental and Oral Care Market Report 2017-2021 and the List of Chinese Importers for Dental and Oral Care Products is available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to: info@dccchina.org