5 categories best sales imported packaged food in China

5 major categories best sales imported packaged food in China with Chinese importers Jan. 29 – China packaged food market has shown continued strong growth. According to Euromonitor International, sales volume of packaged food in China reached some RMB1, 577 billion in 2017; China’s economy keeps bringing GDP growth to 6.5% in 2018 and 6.3% in 2019. With food sales forecast China continued to drive packaged food in 2019.

5 Major Categories Packaged Food under Chinese Consumers’ Attention

There are five major categories packaged foods come upon the attention of majority Chinese consumer’s attention. Packaged food consumption in China keeps growing which is in line with increasing food and drinks consumption in general; there are literally uncountable packaged food and drinks on sales in the local Chinese super market. However, there is a major focus on packaged food sales in China which are under five major categories, they represent the majority of Chinese consumers shopping list. The number one focus is on the category of “dairy products” packaged food; The number two focus is on the category of “seasoning products and sauces” packaged food; The number three focus is on the category of “snacks” packaged food; The number four focus is on the category of “grains, oils and dried products” packaged food; and the number five focus is on the category of “convenience food, including chilled and frozen food” packaged food. Among these five major categories packaged foods sales in China, the new trend shown that the various “snacks” and “convenience food, including chilled and frozen food” are the champions which come upon the attention of majority Chinese consumer’s attention. Packaged food sales in China provide business opportunities for international related industries and trading imports/exports companies.

Packaged Food Value Sales in China Growth Intensified

Among others, the biggest winner is the categories of “snacks food”. With major snacks food like nuts and fruit snacks in attractive packaging design, convenient, handy packaged size and right volume for carrying are popular among Chinese consumers, and packaged food sales in China market with small amount /right volume, distinct pack size for one time consumption is an innovative tend. As indicated by a related report, packaged food in China market, like snacks to continue to record strong growth; the popular size for snack foods, such as 25g-pack mixed nuts and fruit snacks in smaller pack sizes, and are suitable for individual consumption on a daily basis, easier maintaining the freshness of products, Individual pack sizes are increasingly popular among Chinese consumers, and also packaged food in China strong retail value growth for NH olive oil. The report further indicates that robust volume and value growth of NH olive oil credited to increasing popularity of the product and a price surge in the past years. Chinese traditional philosophy believed that “illness finds its way through the mouth”, which revealed in today’s Chinese consumers’ choice and select packaged food new trend. The Chinese market is keeping a nonstop growth in packaged food due to speedy urbanization and growing incomes. Sales of packaged food in China show strong growth, however also benefiting from the concept of healthy diet and increasingly busy consumer lifestyles, with various becoming more willing to pay for convenience. This tendency was also due to an expanding mid-income group; with increase in this group changes in shopping channels are impacting the development of the packaged food market.

Import Packaged Food Products to China with Chinese Importers

Imported packaged food products in China is not new topic any more, Chinese consumers prefer select imported food and beverages, and Chinese consumer’s perceptions of imported packaged food products have impact on packaged food producers, packaged food imports, exports in China and on international food producers, importers/exporters at large. Nowadays, Imported packaged food in China mainly are chocolate, coffee, beef, pork, poultry, frozen meat, seafood, poultry products, oats product and oats meals, bio-foods, biscuits, snacks food, high protein bar, bottled mineral drinking water, alcoholic beverages, honey, breakfast cereal, seafood, dairy, fruit & vegetables, tree nuts and kernels, wine & beer, food ingredients and pet food, even potted plants and flowers, etc. The quality, packaging and price play an important role with imported packaged food in China. Chinese consumers’ general view on imported foods: flavorsome, nutritional, better quality, attractive packaging, but high in prices. A related survey indicated that more than one-third Chinese consumers purchased more imported food than domestics ones in the past, contribute to more than others of imported food purchase by value. With growing numbers of Chinese consumers embracing a more active and healthy lifestyle, China packaged food market opens up enormous opportunities for importing consumer goods to China. Today, the country’s food beverages sectors make for a multi-billion business, Parallel to this growth is China’s rapidly expanding urbanization, including packaged food and beverages, imported foreign goods would amount to US$30 trillion over next 15 years, according to China international import expo. DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. To discover the China market opportunities, the List of Chinese Importers for Packaged Food is available. For further information, please email info@dccchina.org