DCCC-MembershipThe China Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (DCCC) promotes two-way trade between the Netherlands and China. It direct assist Dutch entrepreneurs, traders and exporters, especially geared to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), by helping them to find suitable and trustworthy China business partners for buying, sourcing and also sales to China.  The China Chamber provides fresh and up-to-date business information via its business publications, business research reports, business lists, and online business news and business consults. Through the China Chamber you work with China partners usually means less problems, less business risks and less waste of time and that means more business profit. The China Chamber also assists Chinese companies that are interested in the markets of the Netherlands and Western Europe and would like to do business investments.

The China Chamber (DCCC): Business Platform

In the vision of the initiators, The China Chamber  of Commerce in the Netherlands serves as a business platform for promoting direct business contacts between Dutch and Chinese companies and also for promoting the necessary business contacts between them with both the Dutch and the Chinese business authorities. In this way, the new business opportunities and networks can be best utilized. Nowadays more and more Dutch companies realized the best way to do business with the Chinese is to become one of members of the China Chamber, to actively get involved in various Dutch Chinese related business activities. In the framework of the China Chamber objectives, over the years a spectrum of activities ranging from organizing business training courses and seminars to organize trade missions to China and vice verse. The China Chamber continues to open its new business opportunities to achieve its goals. The Sion-Dutch annual match-making business submits is a concrete example.

The China Chamber (DCCC): Business Position Today

Meanwhile, The China Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands has been able to acquire a prominent position within the Dutch-Chinese Trade Network and Dutch-Chinese business community. The China Chamber maintains contacts with the Dutch and Chinese authorities and now has a representative office in Beijing and an extensive commercial network in various parts of China. The China Chamber aims to further expansion and business oriented professionalize organization. In the coming period, The China Chamber will in particular focus on its Dutch business network expansion – this while preserving the unique Chinese dimension of the organization – from the Dutch membership.

What The China Chamber (DCCC) Means for Your Business

For you as a Dutch business individual or Dutch company with an interest in the enormous Chinese market. Knowledge of your chosen business and maintaining good contacts with the Chinese business partner is of paramount importance. By becoming a member of the China Chamber you will be able to benefit from the expertise and contacts with our China Chamber related and you will also be able to participate in our China Chamber activities. If you are willing to do so, you can apply as a member of The China Chamber by filling in the attached application form with your sign up, and email to our China Chamber:, or by normal post to: DCCC, PO Box 10711, 2501 HS The Hague, the Netherlands.




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