Your BenefitsDCCC promotes two-way trade between the Netherlands and China. It direct assist Dutch entrepreneurs, traders and exporters, especially geared to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), by helping them to find suitable and trustworthy China business partners for buying, sourcing and also sales to China.

DCCC provides fresh and up-to-date business information via its business publications, business research reports, business lists, and online business news and business consults. Through DCCC you work with China partners usually means less problems, less business risks and less waste of time and that means more business profit. DCCC also assists Chinese companies that are interested in the markets of the Netherlands and Western Europe and would like to do business investments.

DCCC –  Keeps You Informed On-going Business Activities

You get daily informed Dutch Chinese related business events; what, when & where those business activities will take place; Dutch Chinese major business events update; Dutch Chinese related business seminars; China & the Netherlands business delegations visiting program; various unique business investment opportunities in China & the Netherlands; What’s new, what’s changed & what’s coming in China & the Netherlands business markets; business match-making submits; various Chinese new year celebrations with business network events around the Chinese calendar, especially if you are looking for Chinese business investors to negotiate  investment deals, the best way is to become a member of the China Chamber, then you will be keep informed when the Chinese investors visiting the Netherlands, and etc. you will be informed daily through “DCCC Business News”.

DCCC – Delivers Weekly Newsletter to You

You will be informed weekly up to date China & the Netherlands trading opportunities and newly business happening in China & the Netherlands markets; The best timing to get your business deal done with the Chinese company; How to take advantages of changing new rules and regulations in China today’s economy; keep informed the business development of Dutch companies investments in China / Chinese companies investments in the Netherlands and other related Chinese multinationals.

DCCC–  Dutch-Chinese Business Network Connecting You

You will get involved with various activities, discover the useful links and business friends, set up your own network and connect yourself with same business minded peoples, you will find out:  What’s changed; what’s effects your business financially, where are the fresh and unique business chances for stretching your business instinct to invest; what business risks can be avoid when doing business with the Chinese; what new regulations are stipulated which could affect your business deals, etc. you will be keep informed weekly through our newsletter .