DCCC-membership-How to ApplyMembers of our organization sit on government advisory bodies, trade agencies, investment groups, business service firms, legal practices, research institutions, multinationals, corporations, logistic companies, etc., and many of them are directors of major corporations. They frequently give interviews with insightful cross board business tips and advises for China investments. Moreover, they also give talks and deliver papers in international and local conferences and their papers have been featured in publications of international circulation.

DCCC – What  It Means for You?

For you, as an entrepreneur or small business owner (MKB) with an interest in the growing Chinese market. The Chinese company’s business information, the Chinese market changing and good company contacts in China is of great importance. By being a member you will benefit from the information and contacts that DCCC  China regularly provides to its members. When you become a member, your business relationship begins with participating all the business activities. DCCC offers various business opportunities linking your own projects or products with the Chinese potential manufacturers or related industries for relatively lower prices.

As a member of DCCC, you stay closer with the business you engaged with the related Chinese company, you stay informed, shorter, quicker the process of business negotiations and contracts. When Sion-Dutch business delegations are coming to the Netherlands for business visiting,  not only you will be informed about the date of event in advance, but also get involved personally, further collecting your business contacts, finding opportunities for your own projects for cooperation or investment.

How to Apply for DCCC Membership ?

  • You can become a member of DCCC by filling in the Application Form and with your name signed;
  • Return your Application Form to DCCC by normal post to: Postbus 10711, 2501 HS ‘s-Gravenhage, Nederland or by attached email to: info@dcchina.org 
  • The Application Form:  Click here to download the membership form
  • You can also fill in your DCCC membership Application Form online by clicking here
  • You will receive a welcome letter with related information after we receive your Application Form.
  • If you have any questions regarding membership, please send email to: info@dcchina.org