Public ServicesThe services sector provides a service, instead of producing tangible goods. it covers various service areas including info, statistics, cargos,  technical & scientific, health care & social assistance, banking & investment, etc. The China report provides analysis & insights into sector businesses services focus on commodities, financial & banking, etc.

Services Sector China Reports Titles:

Business Services

  • China Exhibition Industry Report 2018-2025
  • China Expats Market Report 2018-2025
  • China Winter Sports Market Report 2018-2015
  • China Online Recruitment Market Report 2018-2025
  • China Business Applications Markets Report 2018-2025
  • China Business Applications Industry Report 2018-2025
  • China Testing, Inspection and Certification Market Report 2018-2025
  • China Online Education Industry Report 2018-2025
  • China Vocation Training Industry Report 2018-2025
  • China Pre-school Education (Kindergarten) Industry Report 2018-2025

Financial Services

  • China Credit Cards Report 2018-2025
  • China Charge Cards Report 2018-2025
  • China Pre-Paid Cards Report 2018-2025
  • China Store Cards Report 2018-2025
  • China Credit Insurance Market Report 2018-2025
  • China Pet Insurance Market Report 2018-2025
  • China Cyber Insurance Market Report 2018-2025
  • China Financial Cards & Payments Report 2018-2025
  • China Gift Cards & Incentive Cards Market report 2018-2025
  • China Rural Commercial Bank Market Report 2018-2025
  • China Labour Rate Development and Statistics Report 2018-2025

China Reports on Public Sectors cover up below industry fields, and market report titles:

Finance Service | Retailing | Transportation | Logistics Service | Real Estate | Environment | Tourism | Luxury | Green Tech | Media & Publishing | Education | Training | Extra Business Service Sector |

Services Sectors Industry and Market China Reports Titles:

China Reports – Education Training

China Online Higher Education Industry Report 2015-2017
China Pro-School Children Education Industry Report 2015-2017
China Academic Education and Training Industry Report 2015-2017
China Vocational Training Market Report 2015-2017
China Female Students In Higher Education Report 2015-2017
China Disable Handicaps Training And Education Report 2015-2017
China Educational System for Girls in Primary School Report 2015-2017

China Reports – Service Related

China Advertising Industry Report 2015-2017
China Highway (Road) Construction Industry Report 2015-2017
China Security and Protection Industry Report 2015-2017
China Water Supply Market Report 2015-2017
China Railway Construction Report 2015-2017
China Bridge Construction Report 2015-2017
China City Emergency Reaction Report 2015-2017
China Sanitation Industry Report 2015-2017
China Drinking Water Supply Report 2015-2017
China Railway Construction Equipment Industry Report 2015-2017
China Transportation Infrastructure Construction Report 2015-2017

China Reports – Environment

China Household Waste Disposal Industry Report 2015-2017
China Seawater Desalination Industry Report 2015-2017
China Landscaping Industry Report 2015-2017
China Flue Gas Treatment Industry Report 2015-2017
China Compact Waste Treatment Industry Report 2015-2017
China Sewage Treatment Industry Report 2015-2017
China Oil Waste Disposal Industry Report 2015-2107
China Steel Manufacture Industry Pollution Report 2015
China Household Waste Treatment Equipment Report 2015

China Reports – Finance Service

China Financial Leasing Industry Report 2015-2017
China City Commercial Bank Industry Report 2015-2017
China National Trust Industry Report 2015-2017
China Third-party Payment Industry Report 2015-2017
China Rural Commercial Bank Market Report 2015-2017
China Industrial Bank Market Report 2015-2017
China Assurance Industry Report 2015-2017
China Financial POS Machine Industry Report 2015
China ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Industry Report 2015

China Reports – Retailing

China Cosmetics Industry Report 2015-2017
China Kitchenware Industry Report 2015-2017
China Children Toy Industry Report 2015-2017
China Catering Industry Report 2015-2017
China Textile Fabric Industry Report 2015-2017
China Luxuries Industry Report 2015-2017
China Supermarket Industry Report 2015-2017
China Pharmaceutical Chain Industry Report 2015
China Home-used Sporting Apparatus Industry Report 2015

China Reports – Real Estate

China Construction Machinery Industry Report 2015-2017
China Real Estate Market Report 2015-2017
China Real Estate Prices Report 2015-2017
China Housing Industry Trends 2015-2017
China Real Estate Index System Report 2015-2017
China Building Decoration Industry Report 2015-2017
China Commercial Real Estate Industry Report 2015
China Buying Housing International Trends 2015-2017
China Buying Housing Aboard Forecast 2015-2017

China Reports – Logistics

China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Report 2014-2017
China Express Delivery Industry Report 2014-2017
China Cargo Logistics Industry Report 2014-2017
China Warehousing Industry Report 2014-2017
China Freeze Drying System Industry Report 2014-2017
China Container Port Industry Report 2014-2017
China Logistics Industry Report 2014-2017
China Air Transport and Airport Industry Report 2014
China Special Freight Logistics Industry Report 2014
China Maritime Offshore Industry Report 2015-2017

China Reports – Tourism

China Yacht Industry Report 2014-2017
China Budget Hotel Industry Report 2014-2017
China Online Tourism Industry Report 2014-2017
China’s Cruise Market Report 2015-2017
China Tourism to Europe Report 2014-2017
China Golf Industry Report 2014-2017
China Travelers Hotel Booking Trends in Europe 2014-2017
China The Most Luxury Brands Market Report 2014-2017
China Luxury Apparel and Accessories Market Report 2014-2017
China Travel Agencies Offer Group Tours to Europe Report 2014-2017
China E-tailing Consumer Market Report 2014-2017
China Tourism to Europe Shopping Trends Report 2014-2017


China Reports Cover Enterprises in other Industries:

  • Consumer Goods  – Consumer goods are goods purchased by the average consumer that are ready for consumption to satisfy human wants or needs. This category delivers China reports of current growths, consumer desires, market trends, analysis demand, supply and opportunities, with upcoming forecasts for making the best business decisions.
  • Food & Beverage – Food & Beverage industry has been expanding unprecedentedly which many represents billion dollar businesses. Our China reports covers the main segments of food and beverage market keeping our clients ahead  with detailed analysis to make the best decisions within food and drinks market.
  • Heavy Industry – Heavy Industry contains heavy products and heavy equipment, such as heavy machines, heavy trucks, construction equipment, engineering equipment, heavy vehicles, or heavy hydraulics. Our China report delivers detailed industry research focus on Automobile, Construction, Energy, Mining & Transportation.
  • Life Sciences – Life Sciences involve the scientific study of plants, and animals including human beings which to improving the quality and standard of life. Our China reports focus on its applications in health, medicine, and the pharmaceutical , as well as related bioethics with detailed study in market trends, the latest developments, analysis and opportunities.
  • Materials & Chemical – Chemical & Materials is a huge industry by product, application, segmentation related to diverse areas of engineering and science.  Chemicals categorized as polymers, petrochemicals, and etc. The materials covered with building and construction materials. This category provides China reports of the latest developments, major industry trends, market dynamics and competitive scenario.
  • Technology & Media – Media & Technology are the fastest growing technology industry that shows ever ending novel creations with enormous digital media market advancement, such as devices like smartphones, tablets, gadgets, videos, etc.  Our China reports cover update industry development, market analysis, trends, and new novelty creations and forecast.



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