Mission to CN

Mission to China2016 is an exciting year in Chinese calendar, because it is the year of Monkey in Chinese tradition. The Snake year is a very unique year for trade and business expansion in Chinese cultural, in a sense that is good for your chances of business profit. DCCC is actively cooperates with this uniqueness by providing 2016 China Trade Shows List, for your easy finding related or interested 2016 China trade fairs within your time frame,  four seasons 2016 China trade shows lists you should take a careful look, you may find chances and treasure in it for your profitability. If you need help in Dutch Chinese related business information, mail to: info@dccchina.org

China has new leaders now, under its new leadership, China business and trade are in the top priority, because China needs to continue prosperous and improving Chinese people live. The inbound and outbound trades are the Chinese government concern. Although the world is still in its economic recession, however, there are no less China Trade Shows taking place in China 2016.

China determined to keep growing its economy by keeping its foreign trade policy and various trade shows to foreign companies, traders and investors. Although there is going on discussion about Chinese labor wages rising, and prices of “made in China” products are rising, etc. Nevertheless, it’s no big deal here; it won’t influence the unstoppable economic development in China and around the world in particular. It is indeed “business as usual”.

Here we provide China Trade Shows Agenda 2016 which will be divided in four seasons presenting below. For those who are Dutch companies, currently doing business with China, keep your mind and eyes open on China Trade Shows 2016 are very important to your business decision making and company’s direction. We hope you enjoy reading our 2016 China Trade Shows Lists which are in separate four seasons in PDF files. for more info. Please mail to: info@dccchina.org for more details.



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