Who Subscribes to DCCChina™ Reports & ListsDCCC offers DCCChina™ Reports & Lists for the most comprehensive and up-to-date global trade and business information, to serve as a valuable business decision making tool, it is a resources to explore your market in China.

DCCChina™ Reports & Lists subscribers include:

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Why DCCChina™ Reports & Lists?

Gain competitive intelligence about market leaders. Track key industry trends, opportunities and threats. Inform your marketing, brand, strategy and market development, sales and supply functions.

What others Say about DCCChina™ Reports & Lists?

“DCCChina™ Report “China Independent Clinical Laboratory Market Report 2015-2017 and the “Complete List of Chinese Independent Clinical Laboratories are absolutely useful for my business growing, I highly recommended to those who want to make profits and success in doing business with China independent clinical laboratory in China.”

-Charles De Wit, CEO, Funder FAF Centre

“I say it without hyperbole: ‘The List of Wine & Beer Distributors/Importers in China is one of the most profoundly useful business reports I have subscribed, it turned the direction of my wine & beer importing business, guiding my company development toward the demand in China wine & beer markets, and making real profits over night”.

-David Lee, Chairman, Net Passen

The List of Chinese Companies Invested in the Netherlands. Quite simply the best business list I have subscribed,The Direct China Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (DCCC) has offered the definitive business guideline and contact information of each invested Chinese companies in the Netherlands for foreign entrepreneurs who want to build a business relationship with China”.

-Mark Mills, President, China Marketing Centre

The Report of Chinese Companies In German Market – Challenges & Solutions and the “List of Chinese Companies Invested In Germany  made a significant contribution to my thesis writing, the list is unique date base with contacting info, it’s handy and convenient which helps my research enormously”.

-Pascal Bonbon, University of Hamburg

China Nursing Home Facilities Industry Report 2015-2017” is one of the best business reports I have ever read and has profoundly guided my business, it helps me to see my business in fresh way, find more chances for my company to develop in aged care industry in China”.

-Willy Dartmoor, Director, Decare Management , DE

“I just turned 35 years old and starting my importing dairy business with China,after reading the “China dairy industry and market report 2015-2017 my importing business paradigm of what should import more and what shouldn’t has changed. I cannot say enough how much this business report has guided my importing direction and has shifted my financial future.”

– Michael Müller, Importer, Asia Group BV

“My wife & I have just read DCCChina™ ReportChina Market for Imported Beef / Pork Products & Forecast 2015-2017, it is a clear market business guideline and really strict to the point which is in line with we have been trading through the Chinese meat demand and supply, this report is really useful for my beef exporting to China business.”

– Kurt De Jong, Agri Venture

“I sit here in Oslo, Norway reading The List of Chinese Companies Invested in Nordic Countries,  and An Overview of Chinese Companies in Nordic Market – How are They Doing? I should say this business list and report offers fresh, eye-opening top date and advises on financial issues who is involved with China investment in the Nordic region. I’m in no doubt about the quality and rich information it offers, it is a valuable China investments business report indeed.”

– Erik Osteen, Chief Finance, Invest GD International

DCCChina™ Report “Chinese Tourist Customers to Europe Forecast 2015-2017  and The List of Chinese / Asian Tour Operators that Offer Trips to Europe / Netherlands provides more China tourism business insights to my hotel with travel agency business, connecting me with my business partners in China. I should say that knowing those Chinese agencies that offer trips to Europe/Netherlands expand my hotel business tremendously, it is necessary to get the list and to read the report, it is really worth it.”

– Michael Kuiper, Managing Director, Accenten Hotel Chain BV