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DCCC is a leading data provider and largest network to connect with China market via China importers / investors. DCCC was founded in September 1999 in The Netherlands. The main goal of this site is to deliver reliable Chinese importers / Chinese investors data in responds to company’s demands for their products/services to enter China market.

DCCChina.org head office is in the Netherlands.

Welcome 歡迎 !- to our website – DCCChina.org (DCCC) – is a non-profit organization promoting imports-exports, investment and trade to connect with China market. DCCChina.org head office is in the Netherlands. Along the way we have developed our core concepts over Chinese importers, Chinese Investors, China market report, and Chinese investments in outside China. The main focus of this site is to provide truthful contact data of Chinese importers and Chinese investors, and to bring producers/suppliers/sellers and buyers into rightful contact/communication.




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