Seafood exports to China is growing – Chinese importers for seafood

Chinese importers for seafoodMay 15 – China market demands for imported seafood. Today, the country’s processed fish & seafood segment amounts to US$37,823m in 2019. Parallel to this growth is China’s rapidly expanding import fresh or frozen seafood. In global comparison, most revenue is generated in China market which is projected to hit growth annually by 3.8% (CAGR 2019-2023), according to statista

Seafood – Edible Aquatic Life is Consumed by Humans

Seafood is any form of edible aquatic life regarded as food by humans. Seafood mainly categorized the processed fish & seafood segments in canned, dried & smoked fish and fish fingers & portions. Seafood is often distinguished from meat, although it is still animal and is excluded in a vegetarian diet. Seafood is an important source of protein in many diets around the world, especially in coastal areas. Prominently seafood includes fish and shellfish which include various species of molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms. Nowadays, the term “seafood” is extended to fresh water organisms eaten by humans, so all edible aquatic life may be referred to as seafood. In the processed fish & seafood segment which are indirectly used to produce further food for human consumption, products, such as processed fish & seafood in canned, dried & smoked fish and fish fingers & portions.

China Demand for Seafood – New Growth Market for Ireland’s Seafood Exports

Seafood exports to China is growing, and China has become a new growth market for Ireland’s seafood exports, revealed a report by BIM (Irish Sea Fisheries Board in English), a state agency responsible for developing the Irish marine fishing and aquaculture industries, showed that Ireland exported a total of 47 million euros ($53 million) worth of seafood products to China in 2018, up by 68% compared with a year ago. The growth in the Chinese market stood in sharp contrast with the performance of the other major export markets for the Irish seafood products. In 2018, Ireland’s seafood exports to France (147 million euros), Britain (81 million euros), Spain (75 million euros), Nigeria (28 million euros), the Netherlands (23 million euros) and Germany (20 million euros) all fell down, said the report, adding that only the exports to Italy (60 million euros) went up by 29 percent while the exports to Japan (16 million euros) remained unchanged. The Chinese market was the fastest growing one among the top 10 markets for the Irish seafood exports, said the report, adding that China now ranks as the fifth largest export market for the Irish seafood products and the second largest export market for the Irish oysters in the world. The Chinese market accounted for nearly half of the seafood products that Ireland exported to Asia last year, said BIM in the report, adding that they see a further potential in the Chinese market in the years to come. Ireland is a net exporter of seafood products with a net export value totaling 322 million euros in 2018, making up over one-fourth of the GDP of the Irish seafood industry which stood at 1.25 billion euros last year, representing a 3.4-percent increase over 2017, said the report. Over 14,000 people are currently involved in the Irish seafood sector which boasts a fleet of over 2,000 registered fishing vessels, it said.

Shipping Seafood to China

China is growing market for seafood, the update seafood consumption in China, according to statistics reporting, the revenue in the processed fish and seafood is expected to grow in relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$26.49 are generated, and the average per capita consumption stands at 2.3 kg in 2019. For international seafood producers, fish & seafood in canned, dried & smoked fish and fish fingers & portions. cast a line seafood imports/exports companies attempt to see the market opportunities in China, the List of Chinese Importers for Seafood (Fresh or Frozen) is available, Please contact DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. Email to:

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