Pistachio nuts | China is the world’s largest importer of pistachios

China demand imported pistachio nuts is booming Dec. 3 – Pistachio nuts are favorite snacks in China, rising health conscious equally with between meals – the nuts, the sale of nuts has been an increased in 2018, accounting for one-third of the overall snacks market. The statistic shows by 2019, retail sales of roasted seed and nut snacks in China were estimated to reach 40.8 billion yuan,it indicates that market opportunities in China is growing larger.

Chinese Consumers Demand for Imported Pistachio Nuts is on the up

With pistachio, while these products can easily serve as snacks, some experts defined as: a sort of “on-the-go” snacking. Increasingly health conscious not only reached family main meals in China, even the corner of between the meals- the snack food, like Pistachio nuts. The China market for food & beverages have grown steadily by 30% annually in recent years. Among others, the sale of nuts and seeds have been record high in China, accounting for one-third of the overall snacks market, even led to shrink import tariffs for certain types of nuts import to China, according to a related China Association reporting. Chinese consumers demand for healthy nuts is still growing; the nutrition added value of nuts and seeds played an important role for aging China and modern consumers. China is not self-sufficient supplier for nuts and seed products for its consumer demand, import from other countries to China is a substitute to makeup the deficiency, particularly on pistachios and cashews, tariffs were cut in half from 10% to 5%. Nowadays, the Chinese consume 10% of all the world’s pistachio nuts, and there is a more than billion Chinese consumers to account for, that number undoubtedly, set China on top of the world’s largest importer of pistachios.

Pistachio Nuts Snacking: A Billion Consumers to Account for in China

China is world’s largest importer of pistachios, demand imported pistachio nuts is booming. 2018 the Association of Food Industries predicts that China will be the world’s largest consumer of imported food, with a value of 480 billion yuan. This statistic shows the retail sales value of roasted seeds and nuts in China by 2019, retail sales of roasted seed and nut snacks in China were estimated to reach 40.8 billion yuan. With growing numbers of Chinese consumers embracing a more active and healthy lifestyle, their spending habits are moving beyond conventional consumer products. Nuts are also a common gifting choice in China. Particularly, during family reunion and the celebration of Chinese new years’ Spring Festival, nuts gift packs are selling well all through early winter. Today, China is the world’s largest importer of pistachios, the country’s savory snack market makes for billions. Parallel to this growth is China’s rapidly expanding nuts and seeds segment market, which is projected to hit sales of 3,676,200 tons, RMB 144.1 billion (US$16.6 billion) by 2021, with 4% retail volume CAGR and 6% value CAGR, according to Euromonitor.

Pistachio to China – New Opportunities in China Market

Target urban Chinese consumers is a key for nuts products enter into China market, nuts snacking is a heave hobbit of so-called TV watchers in the cities. There will be approximately 60% Chinese living in the cities by 2020 according to a related report. The imports to China are not be limited to the conventional food and beverages, but snacking food is on the heave high lift, the market for nuts, specially pistachio nuts is continuing raising. China market opportunities is opening up for pistachio nut imports businesses, and as consumers’ hunger for healthful options rises, it’s vital for producers and imports/exports companies to stay on top of consumption trends. The market value of nuts in China also high spot that pistachio nuts snacking brands are growing at a faster rate as a whole compared with on-the go snacking, which puts forward for growing import pistachio nuts to China. For international nuts and seeds snaking food producers, pistachio nuts imports/exports companies attempt to catch the market opportunities in China, the List of Chinese Importers for Nuts and Seeds is available, for further information. Please contact DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for Consumers Goods, Food-Beverages. Email info@dccchina.org or visit https://www.dccchina.org

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