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Chinese importers for Grain, cereal, and dried ProductsOct. 23 – Chinese consumer purchases varieties of grain, cereal, and dried products are increasing due to rising awareness of nutrition and health concerns, this has becoming a clear tendency in recent years. The consumer main focuses on the quality, the ingredients used in production, the taste, and whether the product is organic, natural or additive-free, according to a related China market research.

More Attention to Quality Grains, Cereal, and Dried Foods Products

Nowadays, more and more Chinese consumers pay a great attention to details of particular food products, basically there are educated modern generation Chinese consumers are growing up, they do care more and more about what they eat, besides what they ware. When purchasing grains, cereal, and dried food products, the Chinese consumer take a good check the labeling, the ingredients included in the products they are going to purchasing. According to the related research indicates the Chinese consumers mind several elements when purchasing food products, such as: the quality/reputation of the brand and recommendations from other consumers, the fresh ingredients used in the production, whether the products are organic/natural/additive-free and the texture and flavor. Noticeably, there is increasing consumer awareness on the quality certification and packaging design.

Packing Size Matters in Grains, Cereal, and Dried Foods Products

The trend of Chinese consumer with grains, cereal, and dried foods products in China market opportunities is clear that small to medium-sized packs food products are popular. In the past, with consideration of value and volume for money by majority consumers, the large packs used to be favored by consumers. However, nowadays, packing size matters in grains, cereal, and dried foods products, majority Chinese consumers look for the right volume, conveniences handy packaging, and hygienic, etc. According to a related report indicates that one of the changes in the packaged food market in the last few years has been the rise in popularity of small packs and individual packs, particularly marked in the purchasing of grain and cereal, and dried foods products, small to medium packs for daily consumption are more welcome.

Chinese Importers for Grains, Cereal, and Dried Foods Products

Discover market opportunities in China, to connect with Chinese importers is the key for expanding your business horizon, and take your food business to the next level, China food market potential is huge in terms of huge number of Chinese consumer. For international exporters, suppliers and producers of grains, cereal, and dried foods products, the List of Chinese Importers for Grains, Cereal, and Dried Foods Products available upon request, contact with DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for consumers goods, email to:

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