European countries actively participate in China’s import expo 2018

European countries actively participate in China's import expo 2018Oct. 31 – The National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) serves as the venue for the first China International Import Expo that will take place in Shanghai from Nov 5 to 10, 2018. Attending companies include more than 200 businesses on the Fortune Global 500 list, as well as a wide range of small and medium-sized companies such as fruit exporters, coffee makers and producers.

Belgium – A High-Level Delegation to Expo – Platform for Global Exporters

European countries are actively participating in the first China International Import Expo, such as Belgium, a European country featuring export-oriented economy, greatly depends on export businesses, which contribute about 85 percent to the country’s total GDP. It will send a delegation of enterprises in its advantaged industries such as chemical engineering, green technology and biomedicine to attend the import expo. Bernard Dewit, chairman of Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said that China and Belgium have had close contact in economy and trade in recent years, and Belgium placed great emphasis on the import expo by sending a high-level delegation led by the country’s Deputy Prime Minister. Dewit considered the expo as a good opportunity for the participating enterprises, providing them convenience to tap into the Chinese market. “They can understand better what Chinese market needs and how to provide high-quality products to China.” Dewit also mentioned that Belgium will continue to actively participate in free trade. A Belgian businessman said excitedly that the expo, a platform for global exporters, brings benefits to him and his counterparts.

Germany – A Delegation of 170 Enterprises to the Expo

Germany, China’s largest trade partner, will organize a delegation of 170 enterprises to the expo. The Director of East Asian affairs at the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry said the expo is a perfect opportunity for German enterprises. Many German enterprises are expected to seek Chinese partners and gain a better understanding of the Chinese market via the expo. They will also display technologies and new products for the Chinese market at the expo. Chinese government has launched a series of tariff reduction measures to facilitate foreign trade. As of Nov 1, tariff on over 1,500 imported items will be cut down further. German television Welt reported that the import expo will prove that the Chinese market is opening wider doors and is also indispensable.

Canada – A Delegation of over 600 Business People to Join in the CIIE

Meeting Chinese importers in China – Canada to send huge delegation to China import Expo 2018. The Canadian delegation is the biggest among American and European countries to join the China International Import Expo 2018 in Shanghai. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the Fortune Global Forum 2018 in Toronto last week that Canada is open for more business with China. “Obviously, China is the world’s second-largest economy and growing, and will remain an important place to do business and to look for opportunity.” Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay hailed the upcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE) as an important platform to forge closer trade ties with China. MacAulay will lead a Canadian delegation of more than 600 business people, to participate in the CIIE, China’s first-ever expo of this kind, scheduled for Nov 5-10 in Shanghai.” I’m pleased that the Prime Minister of Canada asked me to represent Canada at the China International Import Expo (CIIE). This is a very important expo to attend. It gives our exporters a chance to meet the importers in China,” MacAulay said. China is Canada second largest trading partner, the bilateral trade volume, which hit $72.77 billion in 2017, rose to $49.87 billion in the first eight months of 2018, among which China’s imports from Canada jumped 8.6 percent to $12.65 billion, according to the Chinese embassy in Ottawa. The Canadian minister said: “It’s my job and our exporters’ job to make sure we provide quality products to the Chinese market and that is what we will do.”. “Trade is vitally important to Canada. We are an export nation and in the agricultural sector, we export over 50 percent of what we produce,” MacAulay said.

Huge Business Opportunities – Import to China

The first-ever China International Import Expo (CIIE), scheduled for Nov 5-10 in Shanghai, will see the participation of over 130 countries and regions, and more than 2,800 companies, meet Chinese importers in China. China has been the world’s second largest importer of goods for nine consecutive years, and made up 10.2 percent of global imports in 2017. It is one of the world’s largest markets of high-end products such as industrial robots, chips and machine tools. The country announced import tariff cuts on 1,585 industrial products including machinery, spare parts and raw materials from Nov 1, after removing tariffs from most imported medicine in May and reducing tariffs on autos and consumer products in July. The CIIE will see 160,000 buyers from over 80,000 domestic and foreign companies, exceeding the organizer’s expectation of 15,000 companies. The Chinese market contains a huge business opportunities, there are more consumer goods import to China for meeting the demand of Chinese consumers. The China market open wider for international traders, Chinese importers are ready to assist the process of importing your consumer good to China, and welcome to enter China market.


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