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Nutritional supplement - China market opportunitiesSep. 27 – Nutritional-Dietary supplements is the fastest growing segment in China due to growing awareness of health and rising aging population. According to China related data that sales reached about RMB200 billion annually, of which consumption by the elderly accounts for more than 50%. The total sales is expected to exceed RMB300 billion by 2021. China market opportunities is huge for foreign businesses.

Nutritional Supplements in China

Nutritional supplements: products that contain dietary ingredients used to supplement nutrients for the human body. Nutritional supplements are divided into single-ingredient and multi-ingredient, and include vitamins, minerals, herbs and sport supplements. According to a related China’s Health Food market report, functional foods accounts for about 65 percent of the market while nutritional supplements account for the remaining 35 percent. The main functional categories of health-food products are immunity enhancers, vitamins, fatigue alleviators, sleep inducers and blood lipids reducers. The Outline of the Programme for Food and Nutrition Development in China (2014-2020) mentions that the state will actively raise the nutrient intake of its people, and will make the development of health food and nutrient-fortified food one of its priorities. This will help boost the development of China’s health-food market. Nutritional supplements and health food mainly offers such benefits as regulating the immune system, fighting fatigue, anti-ageing and regulating blood lipids. Since Chinese society is beginning to age, nutritional supplements and health foods targeting the elderly will be one of the leading product groups on the nutritional supplements market. According to the Statistical projected that the Chinese senior population will peak at more than 400 million in 2050.

Pharmaceutical Capabilities – from Health-Food to Nutritional-Supplements

The huge market potential and increase chances in China’s nutritional supplements and health-food industry would not only bring more players in the pharmaceutical industry to experience transformation, but also provide some pharmaceutical enterprises the occasion of transforming of their existing state. In terms of their present R&D, production and marketing capabilities, pharmaceutical enterprises have an advantage in shifting to the nutritional health-food industry. The fast access of imported foreign nutritional supplements and health food is inevitable to alteration the China market landscape. It is estimated that sales of foreign brands in the Chinese market have continued to grow in recent years. In addition to some of the global health food and nutritional supplements giants were shifting the scope of their business, and pharmaceuticals manufacturers are also vigorously evolving the Chinese health-food and nutritional-supplements market.

China Market Opportunities – Nutritional Supplements

For foreign business with the dietary supplements, food and drugs, food supplements, health and nutritional products are planning to enter the China market, understanding China related dietary supplements and nutritional products “Import and Trade Regulations in China” is a fundamental, it is important to know that “When an application is made for health-food certification, it can be classified either as functional health food or as nutritional supplement, but cannot be classified as both”. In addition, to connect with right Chinese importers is also an essential factor for expanding your business to China market. For international nutritional supplements producers, dietary supplements, or food supplements exporters, the List of Chinese Importers for dietary supplements is available upon request, contact with DCCC– the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for consumers goods, email to:

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