China snack food market – biscuits & chocolates – nuts & seeds trade

snack food-nuts and seeds Chinese importersAug. 29 – China snack food market is expanding, the overall purchase various types of snack packs of nuts and seeds has increased, especially, imported healthy nuts and seeds to snack on have gain popularity due to nutritional benefits, and attractive packaging design is plus punt. China snack market provides some niche opportunities for importing various sort nuts and seeds to snack on products to China.

What are the most Saleable Snack Packs of Nuts and Seeds in China?

According to a recent China report, three category snacks are dominating China snack market; they are roasted nuts & seeds, biscuits & cakes, and dried bean curd & candies or chocolates. Among others, roasted nuts & seeds are the most saleable snack which occupies the dominant position among all snack food, and roasted nut and seeds are ranking the highest sales rate in China snack food market, overall, taste, nutritional added value, health benefit play an important role. In other cultures, dried fruit mainly as sort of food ingredients used for preparing foodstuffs, but in China, dried fruit is considered as a sort of snack, direct consumed, there is a common believe that dried fruit has natural added value to benefit health and nutrition. In recent years, dried fruit snack has never been so popular in urban China; purchasing rate among Chinese consumer had increased. For the category of biscuits and cakes are also favorites snack packs among China snack food, particularly for Chinese female. Obviously, there is an additional China market niche to catch on.

Enter into China Snack Food Market

According to Food Asia, Chinese consumers have become more aware of the health benefits of nuts and seeds, it is now the biggest category in the retail market, with a value of RMB 263.7bn (US$38.3bn). With Chinese consumer having a rising awareness of health and nutrition, imported healthy snack packs of nuts and seeds have also been gaining popularity, this puts forward a growing opportunities for food and drinks brands to enjoy a “healthy snacking perception” including dietary supplements, cereals and oats agricultural products. Imported snack food with eye catching lure of packing design which makes extra attractive.

Connect with Chinese Importers

As a result, there are companies consider packing up the nuts and seeds bulk products, and getting them into China. However, one of the challenges for step into China market is connecting with related reliable Chinese importers. According to allied experts indicates: a products targeting China mainstream consumers could use regular retail channels in order to reach more consumers, especially in lower tier cities. DCCC – the organization assists foreign companies to connect with reliable Chinese importers, distributors for food and beverages, consumer goods. For companies engaged food imports-exports, or snack packs of nuts and seeds business, there are related List of Chinese importers available upon request, please email to:

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