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import packaged food to ChinaMar. 23 – Imported packaged foodstuffs are full of shelf nowadays in supermarkets in major cities in China, although with relatively higher prices, but there are enough consumers to keep the imports of packaged foodstuffs to China busy flowing. According to Euromonitor International estimates, sales volume of packaged food on the mainland China reached some RMB1, 577 billion in 2017.

China Imported Packaged Foodstuffs

In China, to taste imported packaged foodstuffs is a way of tasting different cultures, as a way of getting to know something different. To purchase imported foodstuffs is perceived as to recognize different things, and an approaching modern life style in China. Therefore, attractive packaging plays an important role for getting first attention from curious Chinese consumers. the most popular items are always eye catching package design, after tasting, the consumers return to re-purchase will soon gain reputation as accepted imported flavors. For imported foodstuffs in China, it is common, consumers assumed with better packaging the food quality also better, and cute packaging design are best welcome among majority Chinese consumers. Some of them purchase imported foodstuffs as a gift, like chocolate or wine, etc. Chinese consumer favorite imported packaged foodstuffs is cute packaged design with characteristics of original local flavors.

Import Packaged Foodstuffs to China

With nears 1.4 billion population, China has become one of the largest packaged food markets in the world. According to Euromonitor International estimates, sales volume of packaged food on the mainland China reached some RMB1, 577 billion in 2017. The market is expected to grow at nearly the same pace between 2014 and 2018. The Chinese consumer trend continued to fuel packaged foodstuffs demand, drive growth import to China. Over the past two years, With the pursue convenient but healthy food, Chinese consumers are showing an increasing appetite for organic food products, they are more sensitive to the modern concept of “the organic foodstuff”, because it is common believe that overdosed pesticides and chemical fertilizers in cultivation are harmful and making people sick. Now, “safety” and “health” go hand in hand in China, the consumers select the imported foodstuffs less inserted artificial flavor, and the absence of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in cultivation.

Chinese Importers of Packaged Foodstuffs Qualified

In recent years, there have been an increasing number of sizable imported food supermarkets and general snack stores set up in major cities in China. These supermarkets and stores attract consumers through specializing in imported food products and snacks, and their snacks to grains, oils and sauces ranges, and at the same time, there are also a growing number of medium- to high-end gourmet supermarkets set up in recent years offer more choices of imported food and seasoning products, according to a related report. There are chances open toward packaged foodstuffs imports, exports companies and businesses. To connect with Chinese importers is a key to get into China market. For the List of Chinese Importers for Packaged Foodstuffs is available upon request, please contact with DCCC or email to:

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