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China imported food and beverage marketMar. 21 – China food and beverage market is huge, with population nears 1.4 billion, accompanied by improved incomes and life style, Chinese consumers are reshaping the food and beverage industry, and that potential of China market demand for more imported food and beverage products is enormous, China is an attractive destination for many international food and beverage producers and exporter.

Imported Food and Beverage in China

China is net importer of food and beverage products, soybeans accounted for 40% of the total value of F&B imports, among others, meat products, wines, spirits, fish products, confectionery and chocolates, bottled water, dairy products, and sugar are also common imported products. The Food and Beverage industry in China has a US$ 700 billon share of the global market, the dynamics of Chinese consumer is noticeable, according to a related report, consumers in tier one cities have shown a high level of demand for foreign F&B products, while consumer demand for foreign F&B products are also strong in less saturated tier two and three markets. F&B products that are safe or healthy, and incorporate local taste preferences, are popular among consumers.

Favored Imported Food and Beverage Items in China Market

Food & beverage companies can expect to find opportunities in a several favorite items, including wine, cheese, dairy products, and premium ice cream, pasta, spaghetti sauce and other tomato products, olive oil, Beer, Wine, chocolate, high-end confectionery, pre-packaged biscuits and snacks, breakfast cereal, coffee, baby food/infant formula as well as frozen meat and seafood.

  • Frozen meat & seafood: China imports large quantities of meat and seafood.
  • Chocolate, high-end confectionery: They are popular for social occasions;
  • Pre-packaged biscuits & snacks: These imported foods are occupy extensive shelf space in Chinese supermarkets.
  • Dairy: Dairy products are among the most popular imported products in China, the dairy products have continued enjoy strong attraction for both young and old in China;
  • Pasta, paste sauces & Olive Oil: Those are the foods that resonate with Chinese consumers from individual preferences and cooking styles.

Imported Food and Beverage Distributions

To connect with reliable Chinese importers and distributors is important for trading into China market. However, import and distribution channels are complex, for importing to China the procedures must be handled by importers who are sometimes also act as distributors. The fast growing food and beverage market in China is an attractive destination for many international trading companies. Foreign exporters need to review China’s food safety laws and import regulations. China maintains a multi-layered regulatory system for F&B products, which meet foreign F&B products as soon as they reach the country. In a country the size of China, with an ever growing middle class that is constantly evolving its imported F&B products. For the List of Chinese Importers-Distributors for Food & Beverage in China available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to:

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