China horticultural market today – fertilizer industry focus

China horticultural market today – fertilizer industry focusNov. 21 – China fertilizer market shows two main features, one is self-support – with nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. The other one is relay on import – with potash fertilizers. For the former, China puts on the brake, for the latter, China keeps on imports. Here is the catch; the fertilizer market in China offers chances to global potash producers like PotashCorp, Agrium, Israel Chemicals, and Mosaic.

China horticultural and fertilizer market

Why China puts on the brake for the production of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers? Simply, long term over-using agricultural chemicals ruined the quality of soil. There are mainly two types of crop nutrients, synthetic (or chemical) or organic sources, the correct of using fertilizers or crop nutrients to improve crop yields. However, China horticultural, Chinese farming is facing challenges by the effect of over using chemicals fertilizers. Recently, China plans to replace chemical fertilizers with organic nutrients that are usually sourced from the decomposition of organic materials like animal manure, compost, and crop residue. The plan aims to reach zero growth in using agricultural chemicals in Chinese farming by 2020. It includes chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in China agriculture.

China fertilizer imports and exports

It is clear that China puts on the brake pedal with synthetic (or chemical) fertilizers, switches towards a nil development strategy. That will influence the fertilizer producers, imports and exports sector in China and globally at larger. China is the largest consumer of fertilizers in the world, China fertilizer market is world class market, the shifting of fertilizer policy in China will undoubtedly impact on the fertilizer sector, particular main producers and importers. The Chinese policy will target synthetic (or chemical) nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers. So, the scope for potash fertilizer remains positive, however, China fertilizer industry lower exports are expected to come as a result of restriction policy, according to China fertilizer market insiders.

Nevertheless, the agricultural fertilizer is the fastest growing sector in China, at this moment, China fertilizers exports focus on two types by volume: nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, and imports mainly potash fertilizers. For global potash fertilizer producers, such as: PotashCorp, Agrium, Israel Chemicals, and Mosaic, China fertilizer market still remains attractive. For China report: Horticultural Market in China Today – Fertilizer Focus available upon request, please contact with DCCC, or email to:

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