China air purifiers market 2017-2021 – massive growing potential

China air purifiers market 2017-2021 – massive growing potentialOct. 17 – China air quality becomes an expensive businesses, China air purifiers’ market contains enormous growing potential. Nowadays, smog problem, air pollution is serious matter concerned by the government and individual citizen in recent years, the Chinese government takes various matures to ensues the matter in control. The citizen take matter in own hand – rush to purchase air purifiers.

Beyond outdoor – indoor air control with Air Purifiers

As China is not very effective with improving outdoor air quality at the moment, smog in big cities are still beyond control, but for individual citizens, salvation comes within, do it yourself, do what you can to fresh air indoor, then China market comes with air purifiers in hot demand. According related report, at this moment, air purifier becomes the fifth most sought-after home appliance in China after air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and TVs. Especially, air purifiers is higher demanded household items in first-tier cities, because there are more high-income and high-end consumers. People buying air purifiers are usually those who want a better quality of life, and hence pay more attention to air quality indoor that they can take action to control and to improve, that’s led to China Air Purifiers market massive grow potential.

Functional and cost are the keys

Multi-functional is the first key, currently, multi-functional air purifiers are selling better, particularly, air purifiers which combine the functions of an air-conditioner, controlled mechanical ventilation system, air circulation system and purification system are highly popular, according to insider report. The cost is the second key to win customers favor. For air purifiers with low upkeep costs, no filter replacement requirement, better energy-efficiency and more environmentally friendliness which are gaining attraction and selling well. In addition, the period of guarantee of the products becomes an important criteria for winning customers. Nowadays, most consumers are sophisticated enough to ask for personalized after-sales services, so warranty periods have extended from the previous one to two years up to five to seven or even 15, 20 or 30 years in some cases. After-sales services, such as extended quality guarantee, free replacement of parts and free cleaning, have gradually become effective marketing methods to win more consumers, according to related reporting.

Import air purifiers to China

Chinese consumers have more trust in foreign brands, partly because of effectiveness and partly because foreign technology is more mature and quality are better. The market share of indigenous Chinese brands is not very high because consumers do not have sufficient understanding of air purifiers – they think that, unlike refrigerators and washing machines where performance is quite easy to understand, the more expensive an air purifier, the better it would be. Over the years, there has not been much change in the number of air purifier brands, with about 20 active in the China market, including Boneco from Switzerland, Philips from Holland, along with Panasonic and Sharp from Japan. The majority of the active brands are foreign, coming mainly from European countries that have been industrialized for many years. For assistance with Chinese importers, Chinese investors or China Air Purifiers Market Report 2017-2021, please contact us at or visit us at

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